The Little Girls and the Big Girls...

Look at you girls all dressed up for Christmas!


The McCall girls are excited for Christmas! A Barbara, a Betsy, and a little Linda. Our Pamela, Nellie, and Vera.


And a Heartstrings Eva, a Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy,  a Helen Kish, a Heidi Plusczok, and a Berdine Creedy. Such a great way to explore different doll designers!


We are going to post lots of photos because the girls all look so lovely and we haven't seen them for a while...




Here's the Heartstrings, our Phoebe, and a little Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy, and a ballet Helen Kish, our Kish.

Now a Linette Heidi Plusczok, our Oiya. Love her face!

And with her is Berdine Creedy's Lolly-Pop, our Lilac Moon. 

Sweeties, both of them!

These two little girls, Oiya and Lilac Moon, are showing up in the next post.

With their friends Vera and Gabby...Gabby!

Stay tuned my friends.

Christmas cuteness...


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    April (Friday, 16 December 2016 12:50)

    Oh, I can tell that this is going to be wonderful Christmas. The girls are so beautifully dressed! Oh, I know Dolltown will be the most adorable place on the planet this holiday season.