Dolltown November 2017

Life at the Gallery

While the rest of the Dolltowners prepared for the Christmas season, Xennia and several others were popped in their travel bags and taken to the Courthouse Arts Gallery, where they got to model at a month long show, called Shoe Fabulous.


Look! There's Little Darling Xennia, posing with some dance shoes! And real humans are spending time, looking at the ballet toe shoes and tap shoes, and at Xennia herself, all dressed in her leotard, tutu, and white satin dance shoes! She felt very special.


Xennia was told, along with the other Dolltowners who got to go, that she had to be very still when there were people in the Gallery. And act like a, you know, ...doll.



Ball joint dolls, Asa and Jack, had no problem, sitting.

I think they go into long meditative states.

They do it at home in Dolltown too...

But Xennia realized during the long nights at the gallery, that there were hours when she could roam, and visit the other Dolltowners.

Jack and Xennia got to know each other better, exchanging life stories. What do you mean, "Another universe", Xennia asked. "I came from the USA. Is that another universe?" Jack wasn't sure...

When there were visitors, this trio of young Iplehouse bjd's were often picked up, on my encouragement, to show off why they posed so beautifully. But after hours they lounged, stretched, and danced, chatting and gossiping quietly. 

But Jester Jim, our wooden marionette, complained loudly and often, saying he was too old to be hung suspended in the air (too high for children to reach, but just right for adults to push him around to see how he moved). He often had to be shushed as people arrived.

Xennia, bless her heart, would hop down from her own perch during the long nights, and soothe him, amuse him, sing him songs, and hold his feet up for a while, until she got tired and went back to her spot.

These Dolltowners spent almost a month at the Shoe Show, and on the last day, after we locked up, Xennia explored, so she could remember and tell her friends everything she had seen...

Then while I changed Asa out of her satin brocade kimono,

Xennia told the others it was time to go home to Dolltown.

That was an experience we will never forget.

Because Jester Jim is still complaining about his aching joints, from hanging in the air for a month...