Dolltown January 2017

A Gift from Days Gone By...

Our Christmas is just going on and on!


That's what happens when we go event by event, enjoying every minute!


We don't want to leave the fun happenings unposted so let's keep going...winter will be here for a while!


We were gifted with a spinning wheel...two actually!

A dear old grandma was letting them go. And Auntie Shirley brought them home, just for us!

Lovely for Dolltown!

Thank you, dear Shirley!


Little Phoebe is just the right size for the second spinning wheel. We have popped that one in a Christmas bag. And we are waiting for Phoebe to return from the downtown Christmas Diorama. We hear they are all on their way home to Dolltown!


Now, do these spinning wheels work? Faith has grand plans for this one!


Isn't that lovely? 

But these girls are cooing to the little bunnies from Auntie April that they are going to make tiny sweaters for them.

On the new old spinning wheel. And we have no idea how. Not even toy sheep to start.

Okay, I better find a distraction...

Time to change for yoga, girls!

That should do it, eh?


A Gift Box from the Iple the Iple Girls!

Why, Bo! How sweet!

We know you Iples don't really celebrate Christmas.


You have your own seasonal celebrations. But they seem to have more to do with fires, incense, the full moon, drums and incantations.

Not plays, holiday movies, Santa, sparkles and presents...


So, it's nice to see you two take the opportunity to be thoughtful!


I'm sure the girls are going to be very pleased.

Can I guess? Chocolates? Scarves? Magazines?

Is it music mixes? This is so fun for them!


Come and sit with us, boys.

We'll make some room...



Oookaay everyone...I think we'll have to move the rest of this post over to The Others page.

(If it's not there right away, it's because it has to go to our Decision Room, first.

Anything with "underpinnings" has to be cleared by the Decisive.)

Are you serious, boys? Underpinnings? What's the matter with magazines and chocolate?

This is a PG page but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you boys? Not having had parents...


Dolltowners Return!

Remember a bunch of Dolltowners were set up in this library dioramas for a Christmas Display downtown in the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame?


All who stayed there for December had a lot of fun entertaining the visitors who came to see the Festival of Trees, and stopped to see the dolls, decorations, and stuffies squeezed into the space.


"Look! It's Star Wars Guy!" and "I see a Barbie!" and "It's Santa!" and "Ew, a clown!" (Poor Kasma, happy for 2017 to end.)...


Now they are all home again and integrated right into our Christmas scene and stories...catching up.


So here are a few photos, . before Christmas is all put away!


It's Phoebe! What stamina for a little doll!

She volunteered for the diorama, thinking it would expand her experiences in the real world.

Her parents have taught her to be always studying and learning, the key to wisdom. But we have told her that experience contributes richness, depth, and understanding to wisdom. And she bought it!

We are so proud of her, leaving her books behind for the month.

(Wait a minute! Did I take Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol" to the set? Or was that Phoebe's night reading?)

Phoebe, our little know-it-all, received the second tiny spinning wheel, from Aunt Shirley.

We like to challenge Phoebe a little and stretch her knowledge. Not easy! She has most things down pat! 

We know she is going to google "spinning wheels" now, and "history of spinning wheels" and "how to use a spinning wheel". That will leave us free to do other things and we'll let Phoebe teach Chantal and Faith about their spinning wheel gift. And by next Christmas we'll be able to take our newly spun scarves and things to all the fairs and sell enough to buy the Dolltowners new shoes and things.

Way to go, Phoebe!


Besides, she is the only doll small enough (besides the babies) for this spinning wheel...

Hi Will! Will has joined us from our cold Doll Studio at the back of the garden.

There is a migration in from that wintery room. The Dolltowners left there heard that there was a gathering happening in the Big House (big relative to dolls, that is), with the dolls and stuffies returning from downtown.

Convergence... Will welcomes Phoebe back, admires her new gift, and greets the stuffies and soldiers, too.

Will and the boys love the soldiers. Hey Will! They have to be packed away soon! Don't go far!

Zoey comes to see Shasta. We like to say they are sisters. Right?

Both are First Nations girls from the Dolltown Valley.

Shasta is a "Tiny Shawl Dancer" but arrived with no more than her moccasins. Seriously.

We'd love to see them both as Fancy Dancers, or in Jingle dresses! Someday...


Look! Scruffy made it through the "Teddies for Sale" days at the Christmas Diorama. 

And so did Galumph, his friend from the Island.

I have no idea why they weren't snapped up. They are so cute!

But, perhaps it is true what FDS says, "Once they have names...".

The other bears were complaining that these two were whispering, "We are not for sale!". 

And people would put them down and choose another (even though they couldn't really hear them).

Well, I did my best. We do have other teddy bears in Dolltown. But what's two more, eh?

Little Paola Reina Amigas, our Quilla, enjoyed her month long outing, even if it meant she left her two bff's behind. 

She's off to see them now! She has stories to tell!

Sparkly Nutcracker watches her go. He gets to be a part of everything this Christmas!

He has stories to tell!

Well, I'd like to say we are Christmas done. But we're not!

There's also Gabby, who gets to wear a new Christmas outfit.

And Lula is back! With her guitar! Now we know where she went, and why!

And Owen shows up with a box he's been hiding, for Lula...

And the Marionettes, Jester Jim and Don Quixote arrive for some chocolat. That's French for chocolate.

We have two days left, then the 12 Days of Christmas are OVER!

Stay tuned!


Gabby Gets Her Own Outfit!

Isn't this something?

I thought of Gabby right away when I saw this cute outfit from Alisewn, by Alison Austin.


Now, we have ordered from Alison before... the "elf" outfit Evie is wearing for Christmas, the Mondrian dress that Jiyoon wore in the spring...very creative.


And this one looked just right for our bright Gabby. And Vera, and Lilac Moon, and Shasta and Whoopie, and Oiya...


Gabby is thrilled at the moment, though, imagining it is hers alone. She won't mind sharing if I dangle something equally as festive, or sparkly, or fringy in front of her. Distraction works like a charm with Gabby...


Our Christmas Darling, green eyed Rosa, gets to wear the bigger version. (Two for the price of one after Christmas!)


And they enjoy a game of cards...Christmas cat cards!

The girls look like Christmas candies! Thanks, Alison! Just in time!

"How do you play?", Gabby asks.

She's getting old enough now to do more with cards than arrange then in flatlays, and balance them in triangle tents...

And bend them into small ball shapes to throw at her friends...

Oh, sweet Gabby...


Lula, her guitar, Will (briefly), and Owen, with a box...

Now we know where Lula went!

After receiving our guitar for a Christmas gift, she took off!

Without a thank you!

She showed up, in our skeleton outfit!

The one that came with the guitar...


I imagine that she'll claim that too, now. And put it in her own basket of belongings (where her New Zealand babies sleep).


And here are friends, Will and Owen. Owen wanted to go with Lula to Australia. He watched for all the photos Lani sent of Lula's adventures. And we didn't know it, but he obviously hid away that big white box.

Last year Lani and Lula sent us that box for Christmas. And inside were two ornaments for us from Australia.


He brought the box out for Lula to open, to remind her of her trip...


How sweet! Not sure about the hiding part. It was just one more thing I thought I'd lost...

Well, this story happened a couple of days ago. But I can't believe we are still decorating the tree, in January!

On the other hand, from the look Lula is giving Owen, I think he just reestablished Lula's fondness for him.

She hasn't paid him much attention since she returned from Australia.

And they were fast friends before she left.

I just heard her invite him along to take her babies out to play in the snow.

I figure Owen will say yes...



It's the Marionettes! On the 12th Day of Christmas...

Our Czech marionettes were brought to our Community Center...carefully. These two, Don Quixote and Jester Jim, fell from their curtain rod in the doorway recently and spent the first part of our Christmas celebrations in a wooden tray...tangled together.


But on hearing that there was chocolate from Paris, they noisily demanded an untanglement and joined us, on our last day of Christmas festivities.


They were satisfied, with a whole bar of chocolate each, until G suggested they ought to have goblets of spirits. To celebrate the New Year!


Well, you can't tell from the photos here, but they spent hours talking and finished a bottle between them.


At which point their heated arguments and roaring laughter attracted Priscilla's disapproval.


Before the two could upset Priscilla more, with rude jokes and stories, Vikka came to clean up...the goblets and the marionettes.

Back to your perch, puppets!

Next time...Perrier only!


Vikka had to call for my help. 

I am learning how to lift these guys without messing up their strings.

We have no idea how to use them as marionettes.

Please send You Tube links if you recognize their...what? marionette apparatus? and know of instructions.

We've looked there, and asked their makers in Czechoslovakia. Nic! (Czech for nothing)

We should have ordered hand puppets.

I'm kidding! I love these guys! Even with their too-many strings!


Christmas Clean Up...Come on Everyone!

Rosa, our hardworking Christmas Darling,  was taken on a journey over the mountains. It was her first long trip since she arrived last March...


Now she is back in time to clean up Christmas! 


While she gets out of her coat, our Christmas jester, who was at the diorama downtown, amusing the hordes, returns with a gift, a fireplace.


The little bunnies, gnomes and Christmas teddies all gather round. 


But it's January!

Let's get this Community Center cleaned up!


Vikka is coming, with help! She put the word out and even managed to get Wiz, one of the Tonner guys. We think even an Ello is showing up!

And children of course....


Look at them cozying up to the fire! Is it the warmth? Or the jokes Christmas Jester is telling? 

Vikka arrives with Wiz and tells them all to clear out...or they'll clear them out!

Vikka has such a persuasive way about her. The jester clears out.

The little gift bunnies from April run and hide behind the bird cage! They are not Christmas toys!

The bears have to be carried out. Too sleepy to walk themselves. They'll be able to hibernate for a whole year!

Priscilla arrives with her new doll.

It's not really a new doll. She's pretending. It is a little doll that was left outside all last winter in the garden shrubbery. Everyone forgot about her until it was tea time in the garden again. No one can get her clean!

Priscilla adopted her after her adventurous trip to Paris last spring.

The little doll has an Eiffel Tower on her tshirt... Priscilla is fond of the Eiffel Tower, and her little doll. Well, sort of.

Vikka sees the little bunnies, and the gold gnomes, and a happy face, all hiding.

She puts them safely on a couch, along with Priscilla's doll.

All out of the way of the workers, and so they won't be packed up by mistake....

Priscilla is a good helper. She must have been taught how to work at her last home.

More children come to help. Ike, Oiya, and Whoopi join Priscilla. 

Look how happy she is!

But what good helpers, Priscilla!

Come on, give them a smile! Is that too much to ask?

And Chris, one of the Miller brothers arrives with Undeen. They've been told to come and pack away a box.


Ello Autumn arrives with Evie. No end of Christmas boxes!  

Still lots to pack away...

Lula arrives, with news that more girls are coming. So Priscilla takes a break and plays with her doll.

The tree is almost done! Thank goodness Wiz is here to help with all the garlands at the top of the room!

Here's Rosa, and Tink! Just in time for the last of the decorations.

Lula brings the box for her Australian ball. (Where's the kangaroo? Uh oh...)

We'll find it, Lula! Someday! (Next Christmas maybe.)

Tink crawls under the tree for the rest of the decorations! Thanks, Tink!

That's the last of them... Tink says goodbye to the favorite ornament she chose for the tree.

And the girls all get out of the way for the tree to be taken away.

You go, Vikka! Just a few straggling pieces left.

Priscilla thanks the girls for their help. Priscilla, how sweet!

Well, girls? What's next? 

Lula think it's time for a snow day. Evie agrees. Get out the sleds!

Tink and Rosa want to see what is in that Eiffel Tower box that Fashion Doll Stylist sent at Christmas.

Everyone has been too busy to open it. Thank goodness!


And that's it, my friends...Christmas in Dolltown 2016. Lasts right into the New Year!

Thanks everyone! And thanks to all who helped with the clean up! (I couldn't have done it myself.)

The Community Center is now ready for the next event...

It would be a good place to get out that Eiffel Tower.

I think it's going to need a little space. There's coloring involved.

I am going to go and find the crayons. And set up the room.


Stay tuned!


But Wait! A Dolltown Departure!

Our Little Darling Coco is gone...for now.

She was chosen to attend the Fashion Doll Stylist's Design School for Girls in the United States (and Paris!)! 


Well, we chose her to pop in a box and send off to April. With a letter, a contract actually, from our Dolltown Agency, asking if she could come and stay and learn. If Fashion Doll Stylist agreed, Coco would her thread her needles and brush the dust off her divas' shoes...

In other words, the Little Darling would make herself useful to April in return for watching how things are done.

Slopers and handmade jewelry and boots that look like socks! Imagine!


It took a while to figure out who we'd send. And once it was decided here, all the Dolltowners knew (well, the ones who can keep a secret for a couple of weeks). So as our Dolltown choice, Coco got lots of love and advice before she left.


Her friends got her ready.

We decided that she would be sent as Renee, her name from the Doll Studio, with her black bob. In other words, the way she came to us last March. And we'd put her in a pretty outfit from France that we've had since last spring too.  And, of course, send a yoga outfit with her (standard Dolltown travel outfit). And we'd let April decide which she'd be, Coco or Conner, or Renee. 


Coco was told before we opened April's gift box full of things from Paris for the dolls.

She kept looking into the camera, as if she was looking for April and her girls.

As if they were behind the lense...

Lula and Tink got Coco into the box April sent, just the right size for a doll,

so she knew what it would feel like when the time came to climb in and get sent off.

And Evie, who's been here the longest, told her she would always be a part of Dolltown. No matter what!

And Evie brought Coco to Aira, for a special love protection spell, which spills over to anyone or thing  who is kind to Coco.

"Let me see you", said Evie. "All good." she said.

"I feel good!", said Coco.

Coco came to say goodbye to some of the girls. Chantal and Faith told her to send them photos...

Birdy brought Xennia and Tink for hugs and kisses.

This is the moment we'll return to when we miss Coco (or Conner).

Before we remember how excited we are about her opportunities.

Tink had to remind Xennia that she got to go to Paris, and stay with April's dolls.

And now it is Coco's turn for a big adventure...

The girls left to watch a movie. And it was time for Coco's Christmas present.

It was in the shiny purple bag she will use for keeping her things in on her journey.

Something blue...of course! And from France. 

There is a little bag and a bow...

Then Coco was called to Jiyoon's Playroom for a bath and to change.

Birdy stayed for a few minutes with Aira, for comfort, and for tips on saying goodbye.

Birdy and Coco were painted in the same studio together, within a couple of days of each other.

(So were Rosa and Maggie, who is in London right now.)

Birdy listened to her words, about love across the miles, and feeling close heart to heart.

Just be your smiling self, Aira said to her.

Coco had a night bath! There were shadows in the corners.

Zoey, Jiyoon, and Birdy helped Coco change. 

Off came the Jojo wig, and we could see her neck markings, a Geri Uribe Little Darling.

And her hang tag was ready, her doll passport.

And Conner was back! We love the black bob!

Next the blue outfit, and it was back to the Community Center!

Will was there. The boys heard Conner was leaving and they sent Will with a handmade Christmas ornament.

A loon to remind her of the Dolltown Valley...

Will told her not to talk to strangers, and to stay with the adults.

And not to worry if the box rattled around on the way.

He said some people like to throw the boxes onto ramps and off the plane.

So she should be ready for that. "Pack her tight!", he called to us...

Lula and Birdy gave Conner advice too. Lula said, "Take a cup on the plane so you can throw up." 

"When you are put on a rock ledge, imagine you are a mountain goat." 

"When it gets too hot, stay inside with a fan. Or you'll melt."

And Birdy said, "Always look on the bright side!"

"Be kind to April and her girls. And guys."

"Send me your thoughts. I'll send you mine."

And there was a black, white, and blue photo opportunity.

A last batch of photos before Conner got popped in the box.

We couldn't resist. Okay, ready, girls? 

As these girls said good bye, White Elf appeared from the corner...

White Elf offered to go with Conner.

He heard she was traveling to another country, to a home filled with long slender dolls.

With long hair and graceful moves...

He's been in Dolltown forever... An opportunity to see the world!

Yes, we agreed. A bit of good elf magic, someone to talk to in the dark.

An elf, a loon, and a doll. Worked for us.

Pearl said, It's time to get wrapped up...

Coco was tucked into a pink satin doll bag, with Loon.

And Birdy and Zoey peeked in at her.

The girls popped in White Elf, close enough that the two could chat on the way to Detroit...

Next, the letter that we hope will persuade April, Fashion Doll Stylist, to take Conner as an helper.

Imagine attending the FDS Design School for Girls!

And a Purdy's marzipan chocolate bar, kind of a bribe.

Everyone says yes more easily after a bit of good chocolate...a known fact!

And a poster of Priscilla saying "Focus." 

For April to post where her girls can see it when they are supposed to be working.

And a note to April herself, who was so kind to send us gifts from Paris.

And with that, Coco/Conner/Renee was safely wrapped and cushioned in satin, with White Elf for company.

And it's only across one country, over a few mountains, across some streams, and above the clouds.

Lula played Conner's favorite songs until the box was packed in the car and taken to the post office.

She was mailed, successfully.



We have just learned that Conner has safely arrived with April, and is meeting a whole new doll family.

And our Dolltown Agency contract has been accepted. Conner gets to stay!

Exciting! And we have photos! Posted soon!



We are ready! Let the coloring begin!

The community Center is ready! Bring on the Eiffel Tower!

It is going to be fun. Hours of coloring and construction. After interpreting all the French instructions...


The Eiffel Tower paper model was sent to us in a box of Paris gifts from April, Fashion Doll Stylist. 


We were WAY too busy to get it out during our Christmas time. And we could tell it was going to be a Project. But the clamoring from the dolls began as soon as Conner was on her way to April.

(Conner was sent as a sort of thank you to April. Conner has been instructed to dust the bedside tables where April's girls stand. And to wind the thread onto the bobbins. And to sort the buttons into neat piles, ready for April when she is inspired and ready for sewing couture action. Read about Conner's departure here)


We set the room up, made sure there was floor coloring space, and brought in the colors and the tower.


And right on cue, Tink and Xennia showed up, wondering what was in the wooden box...

Then Birdy and Rosa joined them, and helped get the coloring out...

Well, wouldn't you think this is the beginning of some coloring fun?

Children, a chaos of crayons, and a lot of random paper pieces of who-knows-what to be taken apart and colored?

But look who just showed up. Pearl...

And that means this is about to turn into a whole other story.

Pearl is a thinker, an organizer, a sequential-step type.

And this just looks...wrong to her.

So, while the other girls here thought they were about to jump right in with their blues, and mauves, and browns,

Pearl is about to roll up her sleeves, so to speak. and change the action.

So, you'll have to come back to see how things progress (in an orderly fashion) from here...

(Okay, I'll admit, I ran and got Pearl (and Zoey) when the crayon box was emptied on the Community Center floor, and my stress levels rose!)



Eiffel Tower Directions, and Color Sorting!!

This is where we left our story...

Tink and Xennia found the crayons, Birdy and Rosa unpacked the Eiffel Tower model from Aunty April, and the four of them were ready to start...


Let's get going on the Eiffel Tower!

Grab a color and color what you want!


But then Pearl showed up, and Zoey.

And with a quick assessment of the scene, the pair took charge... 


"Clear out!", they said nicely to their friends... "until we have things organized...."

"And then tell all the girls to come to the Community Center!"


Off went Rosa, Tink, and Xennia in one direction.

And Pearl left too, in the other direction.

Pearl left to collect organizing containers for the crayons, and her thoughts.


Zoey and Birdy opened the instructions, and discovered they were in French!

They called Chantal to help. She is the most likely little Darling to figure them out...


After Pearl returned and handed out hairties for serious coloring, she settled in to sort crayons.

Zoey and Birdy sorted the coloring they were about to do.

And Chantal read the directions, the best she could! 


Then the four of them studied the tower pieces, looking carefully at the design covering the pieces.

We'll post what they found....



Pearl Organizes the Dolltown Eiffel Tower Model Designs...

At Christmas time, Dolltown received a package from April, Fashion Doll Stylist. We had been oohing and aahing over April's photos of her Paris trip, and all the doll things she was finding.


And what showed up in the mail?

A box full of things from Paris!

April said we must set up a French Quarter in Dolltown. And she sent us the Eiffel Tower to get started...


Now, this paper (sturdy cardboard) model she sent us is covered in flowers, butterflies, and birds. To color!


So we are busy inside this January (far too cold yet to take dollies outside for an adventure).

And the girls want to get going.


They have waited long enough! 

The box is open! The directions read!

Even the history of the Eiffel Tower was bedtime reading!



So, Pearl has taken charge, to be sure we do this pretty gift justice, and asked me to take photos

of all the different kinds of flowers, leaves, butterflies and birds.


Then she can assign the different designs to the girls.

And there will be fairness and a pattern to circumvent the potential randomness that could occur

if we just let the girls loose, so to speak.


Okay, Pearl! Whatever you say!


I think this makes Pearl our January girl!

We left these girls studying the designs...

First, the flowers...

Zoey counts twelve kinds, and Pearl says, "Just the right number for the Little Darlings! One kind each!"

Well, that settles that!

Then the leaves, all different kinds and shapes...

Are there that many greens in our crayon cups?

And several kinds of butterflies to color.

"Each kind must be different from the other!" Pearl exclaims!

And some kind of grain-eating bird. 

(We need some help here...looks like an Oriole a little, but that's a North American bird.)

And last, a repeating lantern and a piece or two with a random design...

So, these are the beautiful designs the girls get to color!


We left Pearl talking intently with her bff, Zoey.


I heard bits of the conversation...


"Time to talk to the girls!"


"First we color, then build the tower!" 


"We'll begin the coloring to show them how we want it done."


"May I do red flowers?"

"Yes, of course, dear friend. And I will do blue."

And who will do yellow?".....


Their voices wisped away as I went to gather the others.

But I knew who will want to do yellow!



The Little Darlings Gather...Time for the rules!


Time for the rules, eh Pearl?

The girls are on the way!

Better get those crayons out!


Pearl and Zoey figured out the Eiffel Tower designs.

And they need just twelve colors for the flowers.


Zoey is trying out the red crayon, and coloring carefully to show Tink, I mean all the girls, how it's done.


(Tink thinks coloring is best when you choose a color, especially a smelly felt, and cover the whole page with it.)


Birdy and Chantal are ready.

They are singing color songs...

"Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange, and blue.

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too..."


The colors are picked, even all our greens for the leaves.

Okay, are you ready Pearl? 

This is what Pearl said when all the girls arrived...

Okay, girls...listen up!

Everybody gets to color flowers, leaves, butterflies, and birds.

There are twelve kinds of flowers, so each of us gets to color one kind.

If you want to use more than one color you may color a butterfly.


Here are the coloring rules:

Pick your favorite color, and if it's the same as anyone else, you can flip a coin or talk it out.

Use your designated color, only.

Color in the lines, of course.


We will begin at the bottom and work up.

The background will be left white. unless someone makes a mistake.

Then we will problem solve together.


Zoey has started, she chose the color red.

I chose blue but if anyone else wants blue, let's talk.


You will be called when it is your turn, and we'll work in pairs or threes.

Photos will be taken at every step.

Are there any questions? 


The girls all agreed. And there were no questions...

That's when Pearl noticed she didn't see Xennia.

She's here! the girls said.

She's asleep on the couch...

Then Jiyoon arrived. She was visiting Auntie Mischelle and has brought a package...

Cookies! Macarons! All in pretty colors!

That woke Xennia up!

The girls decided to head to the Library and do their coloring there.

Off to the Library! Well that's great because we are expecting the Ellowynes to come for a meeting here...

Gotta call Vikka to help me haul this Eiffel Tower over to the Library!



The Ellowynes at the Dolltown Community Center!

It's Lissa and some of the Ellowynes at the Community Center.

They are gathering for a meeting. 

But here you can see, no one is in a hurry.

Lissa has even fallen asleep reading, waiting for the others...


The beautiful Ellowynes! A few photos of the girls  before the action starts.

Not sure what the meeting is about. But these girls, and their guy friends are usually up to something...


Little Darling Conner is at Fashion Doll Stylist's!


It's Conner at Fashion Doll Stylist's in Detroit City!


Conner has gone for an extended visit to learn the ropes in April's doll couture Design School for Girls.


And on her first day, Conner got to join April's glamourous models in their world famous Happy New Year's  scene!


Okay, the New Year's party was over by the time Conner got there. But we are amazed just looking at her in this photo!


Looking good, Conner!


After agreeing that Conner could stay with her, April very kindly sent us lots of photos to keep us updated on Conner's experience there...even her unboxing!

Of course, we sent photos of Conner's Dolltown friends!

April's girls must have thought the box was full of things for them!

Well, we did send a little fur piece that one of April's models snapped up.

And Dolltown's White Elf, sent as a gift to April and her models, seems popular.


Once Conner was unwrapped, she was introduced to April's wealth of young dolls and stuffies.

That sure made Conner feel at home! She got to take a teddy to bed on her first night!

Conner's second day began with a fitting!

And Conner got right to work helping April with her models...

She was even allowed to drape a little piece of fabric we sent along, on one of April's girls!

And then Conner was allowed to explore and meet more FDS stuffies and friendly dolls.

At the end of the day, Conner checked in on Dolltown and wrote to us:


Dear Friends, Today was a busy day for me.

After letting me sleep in, after playing with the many animals that reside here, April put me promptly to work.

I had to hold the fabrics and hold the ribbons, sort the fabric,


and hold the clothes removed from the fashion dolls!"


Then Conner climbed into a cozy bed with her new friends...


The next day, Conner got some new clothes!

April decided that she needed a bigger wardrobe...

She made her a soft bodysuit (very handy!), a wrap skirt from a little vintage hankie we sent,

and Conner got to wear a soft jacket borrowed from April's dolls.



And over the next days, Conner was allowed to brush the models' hair,

fetch their accessories, and try the grand piano!

April even made Conner a pair of jeans made out of silk!

She was given a bright Tshirt to wear, from one of the guy dolls.

And every night, Conner goes to sleep surrounded by dolls and stuffies, including Buster the puppy.

Lucky Conner! Birdy is answering the messages that Conner is sending...


More photos to come!

Conner got to help April while she designed clothes for her models, fashioned on the recent Golden Globes

Conner is certainly on an adventure!

We hope she makes herself useful while there at Fashion Doll Stylist's Design School for Girls.

And we are very entertained by all the photos of Conner with her new friends!



What are the Dolltown Ellowynes Planning?

These three Ellowyne girls are waiting for more of their friends to show up...


I know they have all been making plans for some kind of a Start Up. But so far we have only seen them at our Community events. 


The last time we saw them on their own was when we had photos of them traveling, and gathering things for a Pop Up Shop.


Now girls, if we don't see something soon there are going to be comments like, "All talk, no action!"


At the very least, we want Oksana to start her yoga classes again. The Little Darlings refuse to change out of their yoga outfits until they get to do their New Resolutions Yoga Class.


Come on now! It's the fourth week of January already! 


So, they are gone! And I was so busy capturing the photos that I missed what they were saying!

And I could swear they were murmuring. On purpose?

At one point I said, "What?" And this is the look I got. Not a word!


I have to pay more attention to my adult dolls.

They just seem to go about their own business.

We want to know what is going on!


I think I will get Miley, our Dolltown.News reporter, to follow them around for a while.

I will suggest to the Ellos that Miley could be a part of their Start Up marketing team.

That way she could help them, while gathering information...for us!


All right now, there's a plan!

Stay tuned!


Yoga in the Dolltown Ballroom!!

It's Oksana! Our Dolltown yoga teacher!

Oksana is one of our Ellowyne entrepreneurs, and she works with all the girls. And Tonner guys.

Oksana had a short fling with a BJD...but that's another story!

She's getting warmed up for her first class of the year, with the Little Darlings...

Well done, Oksana!

Now let's see if our enthusiastic Little Darlings can remember their yoga poses.

Only two or three at a time, Oksana? Really? Okay...

Stay tuned everyone!


Yoga class for the Little Darlings...

The girls are coming to yoga class!

They have been dressed for days it seems!


All the girls do yoga daily. Well, some form of stretching. Okay, I guess we include floor tussling, tug of wars, and tree climbing.

And since we won't allow the tree climbing during winter, we insisted the yoga classes start again.


The girls had to wait until our instructor had her planning meet up with the other Dolltown Ellos.


Now Oksana is ready. She has decided to just have small groups. Good idea, Oksana! 

Easier for me too!


Pearl is first to arrive, and Zoey joins her, then Rosa, and yoga begins....

Rosa looks like she is assisting Oksana, showing the girls poses...

Here are Birdy and Chantal, buddying up because they are both wearing pink!

Off go Rosa and Birdy. Chantal stays to join Faith and Jiyoon...

While Jiyoon takes off her boots, Faith poses for a photo.

After Faith's photo, Jiyoon poses for me.

We decided that the girls would give their New Year's Resolutions here in the Ballroom, during yoga classes, to be sure I got everyone...

Then the girls settle in for some challenging yoga.

These girls love yoga because it helps so much with dance classes! 

Strength, balance, and flexibility!

Three more done, three more arrive.

This time it's Evie, Lula, and Scout!

Now, this is a serious bunch!

They use their yoga skills for dance classes, for sure.

But they also use them for tree climbing, cliff jumping, long hikes, and short sprints...

Evie takes it to a new level, with a one handed plank!

Scout is impressed.

And Evie plank-crawls right out of the Ballroom!

The last Little Darlings to arrive for yoga class-Tink and Xennia!

These two love yoga! It's the roll-around-on-the-floor class!

Okay now! Oksana decides she's had enough yoga for one day...

She gently but firmly moves these two right out of the Ballroom!

After a big hug, of course.

Now, stay tuned for the Little Darlings New Year's Resolutions!


New Year's Resolutions, finally!

Well, the girls have been planning this all month!

Most were ready to go after New Year's!


But in Dolltown, there is a lot of waiting for other action to the Eiffel Tower coloring project. That one is started, photos taken, stories posted.... And there is still more to do.


Then we had to wait for the Ellowyne meeting at the Community Center, so we could do our resolutions during our yoga classes with Oksana, our Dolltown yoga instructor.


We were asked, "Why during yoga classes?", and we can't even remember why we thought that was a good idea!


But it's all happened now. And the wait gave some of the girls a chance to change their resolutions, as they shared with each other. Not exactly peer pressure, but friend inspiration Lula and Scout's "valley" resolutions. They realized they could coordinate...


Good work, girls!

Now let's see how may of these resolutions happen over the year...

Zoey has a lot of curiosity and often stops on her way past the TV if the news is on. 

She likes to learn about people, cultures and how we all think...

Zoey loves school!

Pearl likes to keep things in order.  You'll notice she has chosen an achievable goal...for a year's time.

She actually wants to organize Dolltown, but when she broke it down she realized what a big goal that is.

And she has to contend with me, a natural disorganizer...


Jiyoon has been to several art shows lately.

And she is inspired! She is digging through our art supply drawers, and saving egg cartons and bits of tin foil.

We have purchased an art easel for Jiyoon as a surprise! Support the Arts!

Okaaaay, Faith...this is new to us. Unexpected!

Faith has been pretty shy here in Dolltown.

Although when we think about it, she did perform with Chantal for Awards Day last June.

And she did join Lula in the synchronised swimming performance in July!

How are we going to support Faith in this goal?

Of course Chantal wants to sing! She is a great singer and she plays piano!

And now she wants to dance, too! Was she inspired by the Dance perfomance in town that we took her to?

We'll have to make sure she starts dance classes, as well as her piano lessons!!

It's Evie Stevie Sinclair!

We call her Evie. And she calls herself Stevie, after Stevie on S--itt's Creek. (A favorite TV show!)

And Sinclair after her favorite soccer player, Canadian Christine Sinclair.

Evie loves every sport. She's bound to win on Sports Day...she is already practicing!

Lula said she wanted to explore the world!

I sent her to talk to Pearl, who explained the concept of "achievable" goals. (One year!)

After some thought Lula chose to explore just the surrounding valley.

(I wanted her to pick, "the yard", but Lula was not impressed.

I've explored the yard, she said flatly. Oookay Lula!)


Scout recognizes an opportunity when she hears one.

She was in on Lula's conversation with Pearl. And Scout knows what a go-getter Lula is.

Her chances to achieve a useful environmental goal just rose considerably.

Then Scout went off to talk to Evie about valley hiking to increase her fitness. What a girl!

Well, Tink! Who would have guessed!

Maybe Pearl can get some specifics out of nature? 

What play can keep that happy smile on your face? 

(Oh, here comes Scout!)

I didn't even notice we didn't even get a stand up photo of Xennia!

She did more rolling around, hugging, and leaning during her yoga class....

Xennia's resolution means we get a cuddly play pal for the babies. We support you Xennia!

(Xennia is at her most responsible when she is put in charge of a baby! Usually.)

Dear do I! We are lucky to have such a lovely group of Dolltowners, but now and then...

Birdy is often first on the scene when she hears crying or a cross voice.

She is like a First Responder for hurt feelings! We'll get her some EQ training! 

Birdy has a gift we can all be thankful for...

Thank goodness, Rosa! We think a garden is important...

And I need all the help I can get!

I have friends who can help Rosa learn about herbs, and growing times, and composting!

And our two absent Little Darlings sent along their New Year's Resolutions... Thanks, girls!

Let us know how we can support you, from Dolltown!

Well, Conner is perfectly positioned to learn about fashion! In early January, we sent her to April's Design School for Girls in Detroit City! She has already learned how to hold pins safely, how to drape models' clothes over her arm, how to stand for a fitting, and how to amuse a room full of stuffies while April is focused on couture...

And if Conner doesn't get homesick or cut the wrong fabric by mistake, she gets to intern with April, Fashion Doll Stylist, for a whole year!

And Maggie left last October to live with her doppelganger, our daughter Tasya, while T completes her thesis on mindfulness. We notice with this resolution that Maggie is supporting T's work! But we are wondering if she has had to adopt "mindfulness" (read "alertness"?) to avoid an attack by T's cat. 

Although, in our most recent photo from T, it's Maggie who is sneaking up on the cat, with a rope, preparing to ride it like a dragon! You go girl! But no scratches

(We are so thankful Maggie has not sent a mountain climbing goal. That's T's other job. Phew. Stick with cat taming! And meditating!)

Now, those are all the resolutions that I can handle at the moment!

The other Dolltowners have been crowding around...

"I want to enter a writing contest!"

"I want to busk on the corner downtown."

"We want to cater for Terri's garden party this year!"

"I want us to hold a music festival!"

"I want to perform in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet!!"

"We want to build a wall around Dolltown!" (Wait, who said that?)


But, as you can imagine, I have my hands full just getting everyone dressed in the morning...

Perhaps I will write my own Dolltown New Year's Resolution....

And it won't be to put a smile on everyone's face here. It's just not going to happen...


Birdy just handed me a half empty glass.

"This is a test," she said, "What is this?"

Okay fine. "Thanks for the half full glass."

Birdy smiled.


My resolution...I will do my best to help all the Dolltowners to sort of achieve their resolutions.

(Maybe I can convince the rest to all pick the same one!)