New Year's Resolutions, finally!

Well, the girls have been planning this all month!

Most were ready to go after New Year's!


But in Dolltown, there is a lot of waiting for other action to the Eiffel Tower coloring project. That one is started, photos taken, stories posted.... And there is still more to do.


Then we had to wait for the Ellowyne meeting at the Community Center, so we could do our resolutions during our yoga classes with Oksana, our Dolltown yoga instructor.


We were asked, "Why during yoga classes?", and we can't even remember why we thought that was a good idea!


But it's all happened now. And the wait gave some of the girls a chance to change their resolutions, as they shared with each other. Not exactly peer pressure, but friend inspiration Lula and Scout's "valley" resolutions. They realized they could coordinate...


Good work, girls!

Now let's see how may of these resolutions happen over the year...

Zoey has a lot of curiosity and often stops on her way past the TV if the news is on. 

She likes to learn about people, cultures and how we all think...

Zoey loves school!

Pearl likes to keep things in order.  You'll notice she has chosen an achievable goal...for a year's time.

She actually wants to organize Dolltown, but when she broke it down she realized what a big goal that is.

And she has to contend with me, a natural disorganizer...


Jiyoon has been to several art shows lately.

And she is inspired! She is digging through our art supply drawers, and saving egg cartons and bits of tin foil.

We have purchased an art easel for Jiyoon as a surprise! Support the Arts!

Okaaaay, Faith...this is new to us. Unexpected!

Faith has been pretty shy here in Dolltown.

Although when we think about it, she did perform with Chantal for Awards Day last June.

And she did join Lula in the synchronised swimming performance in July!

How are we going to support Faith in this goal?

Of course Chantal wants to sing! She is a great singer and she plays piano!

And now she wants to dance, too! Was she inspired by the Dance perfomance in town that we took her to?

We'll have to make sure she starts dance classes, as well as her piano lessons!!

It's Evie Stevie Sinclair!

We call her Evie. And she calls herself Stevie, after Stevie on S--itt's Creek. (A favorite TV show!)

And Sinclair after her favorite soccer player, Canadian Christine Sinclair.

Evie loves every sport. She's bound to win on Sports Day...she is already practicing!

Lula said she wanted to explore the world!

I sent her to talk to Pearl, who explained the concept of "achievable" goals. (One year!)

After some thought Lula chose to explore just the surrounding valley.

(I wanted her to pick, "the yard", but Lula was not impressed.

I've explored the yard, she said flatly. Oookay Lula!)


Scout recognizes an opportunity when she hears one.

She was in on Lula's conversation with Pearl. And Scout knows what a go-getter Lula is.

Her chances to achieve a useful environmental goal just rose considerably.

Then Scout went off to talk to Evie about valley hiking to increase her fitness. What a girl!

Well, Tink! Who would have guessed!

Maybe Pearl can get some specifics out of nature? 

What play can keep that happy smile on your face? 

(Oh, here comes Scout!)

I didn't even notice we didn't even get a stand up photo of Xennia!

She did more rolling around, hugging, and leaning during her yoga class....

Xennia's resolution means we get a cuddly play pal for the babies. We support you Xennia!

(Xennia is at her most responsible when she is put in charge of a baby! Usually.)

Dear do I! We are lucky to have such a lovely group of Dolltowners, but now and then...

Birdy is often first on the scene when she hears crying or a cross voice.

She is like a First Responder for hurt feelings! We'll get her some EQ training! 

Birdy has a gift we can all be thankful for...

Thank goodness, Rosa! We think a garden is important...

And I need all the help I can get!

I have friends who can help Rosa learn about herbs, and growing times, and composting!

And our two absent Little Darlings sent along their New Year's Resolutions... Thanks, girls!

Let us know how we can support you, from Dolltown!

Well, Conner is perfectly positioned to learn about fashion! In early January, we sent her to April's Design School for Girls in Detroit City! She has already learned how to hold pins safely, how to drape models' clothes over her arm, how to stand for a fitting, and how to amuse a room full of stuffies while April is focused on couture...

And if Conner doesn't get homesick or cut the wrong fabric by mistake, she gets to intern with April, Fashion Doll Stylist, for a whole year!

And Maggie left last October to live with her doppelganger, our daughter Tasya, while T completes her thesis on mindfulness. We notice with this resolution that Maggie is supporting T's work! But we are wondering if she has had to adopt "mindfulness" (read "alertness"?) to avoid an attack by T's cat. 

Although, in our most recent photo from T, it's Maggie who is sneaking up on the cat, with a rope, preparing to ride it like a dragon! You go girl! But no scratches

(We are so thankful Maggie has not sent a mountain climbing goal. That's T's other job. Phew. Stick with cat taming! And meditating!)

Now, those are all the resolutions that I can handle at the moment!

The other Dolltowners have been crowding around...

"I want to enter a writing contest!"

"I want to busk on the corner downtown."

"We want to cater for Terri's garden party this year!"

"I want us to hold a music festival!"

"I want to perform in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet!!"

"We want to build a wall around Dolltown!" (Wait, who said that?)


But, as you can imagine, I have my hands full just getting everyone dressed in the morning...

Perhaps I will write my own Dolltown New Year's Resolution....

And it won't be to put a smile on everyone's face here. It's just not going to happen...


Birdy just handed me a half empty glass.

"This is a test," she said, "What is this?"

Okay fine. "Thanks for the half full glass."

Birdy smiled.


My resolution...I will do my best to help all the Dolltowners to sort of achieve their resolutions.

(Maybe I can convince the rest to all pick the same one!) 


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 15:32)

    Well now, that is a whole lot of resolutions!!!! I applaud you all for such ambitious resolutions. Not to fret if you don't make it, girls. My resolution is to right a book. ('s the same resolution I've had for 3 years in a row.) Eventually we'll all get there. After all, it's the intent that counts!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 16:01)

    Yes! That is wonderful! And so kind to reassure the girls...
    We are big believers in Next all we have to do is BEGIN moving (in all these directions. lol) and we consider ourselves successful.
    My plan goes something like....Okay, Auntie M can take the trio for a valley outing (Lula, Scout, and Evie), I'll get the red piano out (Chantal), invite the babies (Xennia), get down the globe (Zoey) and head off to find our video camera (Faith). And Tink can play while we are busy. Sweet Pearl has already finished organizing her room, with 11 months to spare, so she is back at the Eiffel Tower already. Now who does that leave? Jiyoon, go join Pearl with the coloring. Rosa, water the poinsettia left from Christmas (too early to plan her garden). Conner is learning how to design sockwear clothes and silver shoes. (What?)
    Maggie in London! I'd better check!
    Birdy, are there smiles on everyone's faces? Okay, we are good! First steps underway!
    And all you have to do , April, is a page or two of a rough draft of your book, and send it to the girls to read over. Nothing like child doll edits to know you are on the right track.... Hahahaha