Dolltown September 2018

Call out the Guards!

Thank goodness! The cavalry has arrived, so to  speak.

It's time those children got back here and started their school classes!

I have had to ask for help, as the children are not coming when I call them.

Well, I've been distracted myself...

But TIME is passing! And there are lessons to be learned!

The Dolltown Guards are here, of course, very reliable.

But Wiz is here, too.

And Ike! He's a Monster High guy, I think.

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Dolltown School...Outdoors

First, the girls had to get changed from their beach outing in early September. Their last hurrah before we buckle down to schoolwork. Text books, maps, maths...

Get out the plaid skirts and oxfords!

Evie! What a cute bathing suit! All blinged out! Time for school clothes! Corduroy jumpers...

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Priscilla and the Girls Are Off to the Beach, Too!

Look, it's Priscilla, with her happy little right-side-up dolly!

Priscilla has volunteered again to be the Dolltown lifeguard for the day! Thanks Priscilla!

The little girls have all been promised a day at our swimming beach, after an outing to the Ocean Beach, which is too wild to swim! The girls want to wade, splash, dig in the sand...

And they are excited about the new bus in Dolltown. 

It will be their first ride!

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The Girls at the Dolltown Bus Stop. What?!

Here's Pearl and Anna Zoey...

Waiting at the "Bus Stop"...


Now, I would think, if anyone would know about if there was a bus route in Dolltown, it would be me.


Anna Zoey! Pearl! Where did you hear there was a bus taking you to the Beach? Why don't I know about it?


I'm confused.


I have to watch and see what happens.




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