Call out the Guards!

Thank goodness! The cavalry has arrived, so to  speak.

It's time those children got back here and started their school classes!

I have had to ask for help, as the children are not coming when I call them.

Well, I've been distracted myself...

But TIME is passing! And there are lessons to be learned!

The Dolltown Guards are here, of course, very reliable.

But Wiz is here, too.

And Ike! He's a Monster High guy, I think.

And Eddie, who can see in the dark.

And Ernie, a tracker.

This is a little more serious than I had thought of...

It looks like a rescue operation!

Even Magic Barbie has joined us!

Okay, that's good! She can get an overhead perspective...

And can be persuasive, if needed!


Just get those kids back! Tell them to get back in time for recess!

(I also know how to be persuasive!)

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