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Community Dolls · 28. November 2018
Dolltown teacher, Sky, is ready for students! She had help, from Jack and Priscilla. The piano is here! Learning blocks, books, an abacus for counting, the alphabet...

Community Dolls · 21. September 2018
Where are those children? I have called out the guards to find them and bring them back! It's time for and social studies! Off down the Forest Path! It's a rescue operation...

13. August 2017
Silent Sam wears a wool, beaded cape all the time... Today we got to see what's under it! More beads!

12. August 2017
Dolltown's Silent Sam has a new friend, from Africa! And they both have babies! Let's get to know each other...

02. August 2017
The Dolltowners welcome a new member of our family, a real baby, Jasper! Born down under...

24. July 2017
Miley, Dolltown reporter and friend, Floora, our Ballet Doll, take a few minutes to talk about the Little Darlings and their boy buddies.

23. June 2017
African beaded doll, our Silent Sam has a baby on his back! How did we not notice? Priscilla discovers the surprise...

31. May 2017
Dolltowners in the May garden...a gathering of horses, Golly cloth dolls, and an Ellowyne all by herself!

23. May 2017
It's time for the Dolltowners to assemble the Eiffel Tower model from Fashion Doll Stylist! The Little Darling are excited!

19. April 2017
Lovely! My kids' Sashas, now Dolltowners, got to dress up for Easter too. Well, the girls did anyway. Archie looks just fine! Bethany and Asia got to wear Pachom Suesuwan dresses. And red haired Channing is wearing a brand new dress from a brand new source! Every now and then I try out a new dress designer for the bigger girls. And that means the Sasha girls have clothes to wear! I can resist the pretty Sasha clothes! For now... And the little girls joined the Sashas in brand new dresses too!...

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