Dolltown September 2016

Terri Lee's End of Summer Shindig

It's time for a Dolltown Community event!

Terri Lee has invited everyone to an End-Of-The-Summer shindig at her home in the country.


Terri Lees's House!


Terri lives in a big country house with a large kitchen and lots of rooms.

This is where most of the dolls live when they arrive in Dolltown.

It's comfy and has a big yard where the children play, and everyone works in the garden...


The community is arriving! Get ready, girls!

Get the tea ready! Put out the fruit baskets!

Terri Lee is our vintage "Grandma" in Dolltown.

(Don't forget, she's a doll, so sure she looks young. But she is a Terri Lee from the 50's and had to have a simple makeover because she had lost all her hair.)

Everybody looks up to her.

(Well, so to speak, since her limbs are so loose that she doesn't stand anymore.)

Queeny is Terri's BFF.

Look at these two!

They are OOAK Indonesian puppets.

My daughter Lani brought them home from a trip to Indonesia, as a birthday gift for me.

So Dolltown is honoured to welcome them.

And thankful to Lani for such a gift!

Terri offers them a bit of tea.

And he tells her there is a surprise arrival...

Queeny lives here with Terri. But Queeny has become separated from her body...

That's Queeny's head on the Strawberry Tea tray.

But she is going to lie down, so to speak. 

The dolls are fine with her, but some human visitors feel awkward when they see doll parts.

So, out of consideration for our online visitors...


Sorry, Queeny! We'll tell you when they are gone. 

We hear there's dancing after dark. Queeny likes dancing.

These Terri Lee's are from newer generations.

We say Oralee is Queeny's daughter.

And Tamla is Terri's daughter.

And they are both here in Dolltown to help their mothers run the Terri Lee house and keep the community of Dolltown going. They help Terri and Queeny host newcomers, feed the hungry, and hold community events.

And they are introducing newcomers today...

What beautiful craftsmanship!

Lani and Fin drove to the small town where they are made by a couple who create the puppets and make the clothes.

The puppets' hands are attached to sticks so they can be manipulated. We are working on it.

But for now...get to know the Dolltown community!

Ernie, Terri's FWB, arrives to help out. He's mobile!

From my other daughter, Ana, a gift of a Japanese girl!

Oralee and Tamla are happy with the introductions.

And there's more...


Cha cha, Ernie's niece, has just arrived in Dolltown.

Cha cha is a young mom. Her baby is taking an afternoon nap with Cha cha's auntie.

Ernie is happy that his family is gathering in Dolltown...

Okay! Things are going well!

But there's more! Lula is on her way with her little New Zealand family!

The Disney princesses are coming. And Crissy and her crew.

And we hear the Iples are getting ready!

Stay tuned...


Lula brings her family to Terri's shindig...

Miley, Dolltown reporter, heard that Lula is coming with her family to meet Terri and others in the community.

Miley brought Ballet Doll, who hits it off with our new Japanese porcelain, bonding over tea.

Ernie's niece, Cha cha, spots Lula and her family first...

Here they are! Lula and her New Zealand family.

How, exactly, does a child get to have a family of 7 babies and toddlers?

I guess they'll all have to go to our Dolltown Day Care when school starts.

Boneka, our resident Indonesian doll, is thrilled to hold the tiniest New Zealand baby!


There's still enough light to take a few photos of Lula, her family,

and the beautiful Indonesian puppets she traveled home with from Australia.

Boneka got in there too, making himself useful holding on to that baby.

Okay kids! Off to bed!


Time for the Indonesians to retire, too. Oralee and Tamla carried their basket to their room upstairs at Terri's.

Is there a snake in that basket? They were scared to look.

The Disney girls thought the dance was on tonight.

But Terri Lee had to get to bed too.

Maybe tomorrow...

By the time Priscilla finally arrived even the Disney girls are gone.

"Where is everybody?", Priscilla asked.

Come back tomorrow, Priscilla! You missed the action!



Terri Lee's Friends

Morning! Terri Lee had a good rest!

She was ready for her friends to come and visit.

Ernie checked in briefly, then he was off to fix a few things.


Sophie in a Frame, Bunny, Art Dolls, Valentine, and Sky arrived and the chatting began!

Then Kasma the Clown came, and Boneka, and a new friend...Mrs. Mouse.


After lots of laughs, several wandered off home, but the "women" stayed for a good gab session.

They discussed the children, the summer fun, the growth of Dolltown, and upcoming events. 

Terri Lee and her friends laid out their plans for the rest of the year...

It's school time for the children! There's Harvest coming, and Halloween fun, and November magic.

And all the Dolltowners love Christmas...

What shall we do this year, they wondered?


After lots of talk it was time for a break.

Asa said her family was on their way from Dolltown Abbey to see Terri Lee...

So stay tuned!


The Iple Tribe at Terri's

It was a fun morning with her friends...

And then the Iples arrived.

Arlen stayed since she spends most of her time with the Iples... Work and play!

And little Vikka has taken to spending most of her time with Asa.

She wants to learn everything she can from Asa, a martial arts master...


Daniel arrived without a shirt. Asa objected!

He had to go and find one from Will...

Ernie arrived to take Terri for a rest....


While Terri was gone Lee showed up with Jack, a part of his tribe we rarely see out and about.

We all love Jack, but he is a knockoff and is not accepted by the general bjd doll collecting community.

So a few minutes here at Terri's, then he leaves with his Iple friends...

Good to see you, Jack! Such a beauty!

Lots more photos were taken of the young Iples and their adopted bjd Jack.

A few here...

And a Dolltown issue is addressed, while Lee and Asa are here at Terri's community gathering...

Asa and Lee, who are in charge of Dolltown security, had a request from Terri and her girls, Oralee and Tamla.

Apparently the Iples were responsible for sending Beach Lady and Cupid Fairy to lifeguard the children at the beach.

They said that they were spread too thin around that time.

Now, everything went fine, no disasters, but the community felt there was more qualified help needed.

Last year Lee had sent Guard One to oversee safety at our River Picnic. 

Everyone felt very safe! And he was very firm with the children.

So Terri and the girls wanted him again to and keep the children safe on their adventures.

Lee and Asa made the decision to bring in a second guard to Dolltown.


Here, he is introduced by Guard One.

Guard One asked that his new partner keep his armour, his weapons...and his ponytail?

These were stripped from Guard One when he arrived in Dolltown, as you can see.

The community dolls felt he would intimidate the children.

Some of the children kept asking Guard One why he was disarmed.

Guard One assured them he could still look after any and all threats to their safety and security.

And they better behave!


Now, with two Dolltown Guards assigned directly to the young ones, everyone is breathing a little easier.

One more Dolltowner to run around and find Tink and Xennia when they get up to their shenanigans!

Terri invited both Guards to stay for the Community feast later in the evening...

Of course they said yes. They are allowed to eat on duty.


The Dollteens! And Tweens! At Terri's...

Terri's back after an afternoon nap...just in time to welcome the In Betweens.

Not little children, not adults...

We have Crissy, with her long braid, and Kimberley...both newish vintages.

Cheerful girls!


And Becky! With her handsome boy. Older vintages!

And they have dance skills! Fox trot, waltz!

Music and dance have attracted Ernie back into the picture!

And Smiley, who can't resist all the happy sounds...


Then Hal arrives...he's so nice he sits with old Terri for a chat.

But not for long!


The Disney girls arrive for a short visit, then take Hal with them, promising him dance lessons...


When it's all quiet, the little Paola Reina girls come to see Terri.

They are very shy so we don't see them very often.

But they are busy little workers around Dolltown.

They especially love the kitchen, and they tell Terri that the Shindig picnic is almost ready.

Terri likes the sound of that!

Okay! Time for another break!

We hear the Little Darlings are arriving.

They come to pay their respects to Granny Terri, our Dolltown Vintage.

Stay tuned!


Terri, the Little Darlings, and a Lost Baby... Oh no!

Of course, the Little Darlings were invited to Terri Lee's End-of-Summer Shindig. Everybody is!


Xennia got there first and had a few quiet minutes with Terri before Tink showed up.


But then...Lula and Evie arrived, with Lula's family.


And Lula was very unhappy! Distressed!


And she tracked down Xennia to ask her...


Let's listen in...






"I love coming to Granny Terri's!", Xennia said.

"You're here early, dear.", Terri said.

"Tink is here, Granny!", said Xennia.

"Lula is looking for you, Xennia.", Tink said.

"Here she comes, with Evie!", said Tink. 

"Lula looks mad.", said Xennia. 

"Lula's New Zealand babies!", said Xennia.

"Xennia! Come here please!", Lula said.

"Look! There's only six!", said Lula.

"Xennia, did you take a baby?", asked Lula.

"No, Lula! I didn't take your baby!",  said Xennia. 

"What are we going to do?"

"Evie dear, why don't you let Tink and Xennia go and look for the poor little thing?", said Terri.

"We are on it!", said Tink!

"I hope they find him before it gets dark!", Lula said.

Well, I hope they do too!

I haven't been able to find him myself since I discovered we were short a baby.

I didn't tell Lula, of course. I, um, didn't want to worry her.

But I didn't know Lula was going to accuse Xennia.

Although I know two reasons why she would suspect her!

Stay tuned!


Xennia Finds a Baby!

A Dolltown Story Never Told

In the last blog post, Lula arrived at Terri's End of Season Shindig with her New Zealand babies.

But one was missing, she said. 

And she asked Xennia if she took it!



3 Reasons:

1. Xennia loves babies!


2. At the beach recently,  Xennia asked Lula if she could have one of her New Zealand babies.


3. In July, Xennia found a baby! And she has been quietly looking after it, with help. 


We have all been too busy to post what happened. But under the present circumstances, it's now it's time to tell the story!


It started when a friend dropped off a couple of dollies for us...







July 2016!

"There's a new baby in Dolltown!", said Scout.

"Tink and Xennia found it.", said Faith.

"We heard you found a baby!", said Chantal.

Not me!", said Tink.

"Xennia did!", said Tink.

"I found him on the porch.", said Xennia.

"Can we keep him?", Xennia asked me.

"Well, yes. I guess he is is ours now!", I said.

"Where will we keep him?", said Chantal.

"I'll take him to the Daycare!", said Xennia.

"We'll take him for you!", said Faith.

"You two have to stay for photos!", said Chantal.

"Come on, baby!", said Chantal.

"Be careful with him!", said Xennia.

"I hope they don't drop him!", said Xennia.

"He'll be fine!", said Tink.

"I've always wanted my own baby!", said Xennia.

"Xennia! You are a child!", I said.

"Children don't have their own babies!"

"What about Lula? She has seven!", Xennia said.

"'ve got a point!", I replied.


"Okay, let's get the photos done!", Xennia said.

"I have to get back to my baby!" 


So, Xennia has been taking care of the little found baby since July.

We have kept an eye on them to make sure she is up to the task.

(In many ways Xennia is like a baby herself!)

But we are impressed with her attentiveness, and how she gets tips from the Daycarers.

And Tink has helped Xennia google baby care when she is puzzled by her baby's behaviour.


But do we think Xennia has taken one of Lula's babies? 

Time will tell. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, more End-of-Summer Shindig posts coming...


The Little Darlings at Grandma Terri's

The Little Darlings have come to see Terri...Grandma Terri.

Now, the relationships can get a little complicated in Dolltown, but Terri is LIKE a grandmother to...everybody.

(Except, of course her friends and...Ernie.)

Several of the children live at Terri's big house, like Zoey, Evie, and Shasta (and they have lots of sleepovers).

But today they are all happy to come and visit with Terri before they go to ready for school...

We took photos of the girls together, and celebrate these Basic Dresses that are the foundation of the Dolltown wardrobe.

A simple waisted dress that can be dressed up or down.

Today, no ribbons or shoes as the summer winds down its last warm days!

Then they will be sorted for fall possibilities, and the most spring-like will be put away.


The Ellowynes Arrive at Night...

The Ellowynes have been in and out of Dolltown all summer.

The local girls have been off to the City visiting and doing business with the City girls.

And the City girls have been traveling to other countries.

(And our Willow was on the catwalk of Paris in June!)


We knew the Dolltown Ellowynes were back. But we didn't know the City gang was here too!

But they all came down to Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig!

First Eddie, Willow and Bandy brought the City group.

They had to leave early to get back to work in the morning...


Then the rest of the Dolltown Ellowynes came down to Terri's for an end-of-summer evening.

Terri had retired for the evening, and was reading stories to the children,

but she came for a visit with the Ellowynes, and their guys.

And brought Queeny too! Well...Queeny's head.


(Don't say I didn't warn you!)

And it gets a little dark! It's September!

Finally, Ernie came to escort Terri and Queeny back to the house.

The Ellowynes and their guys stayed into the night, chatting quietly and watching the full moon.

Enjoy! Relax while you can...busyness coming!


The Little Paola Reina's, on picnic duty!

These lovely Spanish made dolls, the Paola Reina Amigas, love to work in the kitchen!

Who are we to stop them from being so useful?

They have filled a basket full of picnic food for the Ellowynes' nighttime visit!

Thanks girls! Got any balogna sandwiches in there?

Okay girls, now off to bed!



The Babies at Terri Lee's Shindig!

The Daycare bunch has arrived at Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig!

Dee an Cee beauties Cindy and Darlene look after all the Dolltown babies and toddlers.

(Although you won't see the New Zealand babies, or Xennia's baby here today.

They are playing with the Little Darlings.)

Welcome, babies!


And welcome to Darlene and Cindy, Magic Barbie and Silent Sam!

Daycarers extraordinaire!

Vikka brings the Babies in our flower cart...

What a great bunch of babies and toddlers!

Berenguer, Madame Alexander, Dianna Effner, Marie Osmond...

Time to get back to the Daycare!

Nap time after a busy field trip to Terri Lee's...


Bead Smiley and Terri enjoy a little peace and quiet!


Cindy, Darlene and the Dolltown Guards...Romance?

Our Dee an Cee girls have been here forever... 50's Vintages.

Guard One arrived in Dolltown last spring.


And he soon had a crush on the Dee an Cee girls.

(Remember this photo?)


But so shy! So full of duty.

But once Guard Two showed up recently, he was emboldened...

Now he has a buddy. A wing man.


And he wangled a break from their duty schedule to come to Terri's (again) when these girls were there.


Look at them! So cute together!

Guard One is giddy from his closeness to blonde Darlene.

And Cindy seems to like Guard Two's shiny laser weapon.

Guard Two is doing his best to look stoic despite her closeness.

(Should the guards have real names? Joe? Bill?)

 I think the girls are happy they wore their pretty dresses....

Of course they are always wearing their bright red lipstick!

Time will tell....


The Odd Ones...Monster Highs, a Bratzilla...

Catrine has been here for months, hiding out.

Here she is in Lee's library, using his laptop.

Other Odd Ones have come from our Value Village...

Dolls whose names I don't know.


I have asked several times for help identifying the one I call Owl...the one with massive eyes and a jade colored dress.


Not Jade J'Adore...

I actually bought her at our grocery store

After passing her by for weeks and more.

"Take me to Dolltown!" she kept calling out as I passed.

She has heart shaped pupils. I am a sucker for sweetness.


But these dolls all huddle together, sharing the same basket.

A basket of...

I brought them home a boy a while ago, from Value Village too. I don't know who he is, but I like him. So do they!


The Odd Ones are out. They all emerged to visit Terri at her End-of-Summer Shindig!

I really must spend some time some day and figure out who all these characters are...

I used to know  the purple and black haired, skinny limbed one in the black and purple skimpy outfit... Help!


The first three below, I picked individually: Catrine, Jade and the boy.

The bottom three came in a bag together...

Okay kids! You've had your fun!

No use staying for the picnic. I can tell you don't eat...much.

Go do some scary Halloween planning. We'll see you after the next full moon.

Back to your basket. Scoot...


Jiyoon's New Playroom!

Jiyoon's new Playroom at Dolltown Abbey!


The Iples renovated a large bright room for Jiyoon! She will be staying there now, and have her friends over whenever she wants, or when they are allowed....


For their first time there, the Little Darlings and other children get to choose their 1st day of school clothes.


Dolltown doll stylist, Valentine has been called in to help Junior Iple Violet set the room up, ready with clothes, hair ties, ribbons, and shoes.


The girls are excited and will come in bunches. First, Jiyoon and BFF Maggie...


What a beautiful room with a blue sky and clouds painted on the ceiling (or is it an actual sky light?), lots of toys, and a stair case leading up to a sleeping cubby.


Lucky Jiyoon! And lucky friends! What fun they will have here!

Nice job, Violet and Valentine!

We can see how excited Jiyoon is!


And with Maggie, she waits for the other girls to arrive.

Then they can all jump in and choose their outfits for their first day of the Dolltown school year!

Stay tuned!


Meanwhile, at Terri's country home...the Attic Friends!


My kids' dolls and bears...and turtles, beavers, trolls!


They were all put up in the attic years ago and recently we brought them down.


Memories! For all of us.

Now, there are just a few here.

The Barbies, Sheras, HeMan, Transformers, Little Ponies, Rainbow Brites, and various others have been cleaned up, sorted, and tucked away again for now.


But we kept a few out who want to be a part of Dolltown.

Who wouldn't!

But we can only handle so many at a time.

And we are not sure of the attention we'd get from the outside if the Transformers were let loose.

Aliens? (Besides our Iples I mean). Cyborg enemies? Robotic menaces? We have to vet our newcomers...

Transformers go into the metal trunk...

(Don't tell the boys!)


But our Sashas! Welcome kids!

And Old Fashioned Girl, and look who else is taking up space with us now!

A Baby Face, Flower Doll, Bears and...

Tink comes by to say hi to the Attic Group!


We can only stay for a few minutes because we've heard some children headed down the path on horses

and we have to send a guard to bring them home.

Always dolly excitement here in Dolltown!


A kitty, a bunny...

Even two Cabbage Patch kids!

What an adventure they were!

Wow! Terri's open invitation to her country home meant a lot of dolls and friends showed up!


But let's go see what's happening with the little girls...and horses?

Stay tuned!



Horses, trolls, little kids... Who's paying attention?

Where did all these horses come from?


Once again, a singleton attracts friends.

In this case, our daughter Tasya supported Dolltown by sending a beautiful Breyer Chinese Year of the Horse. The pretty one with the colorful designs. A little too small to ride, for most of the dolls, it's treated more as a special pet...


Iple Senior Lee asked for a means of getting around Dolltown for his perimeter patrols. So we kept an eye out and sure enough, this big brown horse showed up at Bailey House.

And so did this funny white Disney horse with the pink saddle. Perfect for the children!


The pretty white one with a mane that almost reaches the ground, an actual Barbie horse, was borrowed from Aunty Mischelle. Soon it will have to return to 2nd Avenue...


Today they are out on the Path together. Then some My Little Ponies, recently brought down from the Attic, found them, and challenged them to a race. Hahahhaahhahahaha. Whoops, sorry Little Ponies...

But the challenge is interrupted by another basketfull of Attic dolls... Trolls!

They are out hunting for a bridge to live under.

There is a bridge, but it is in the centre of town.

Should we tell them? 

I can't ask the kids.

I know they'd say yes...

Okay, so all the horses, except Big Horse, took the trolls to see the Dolltown Bridge.

But these girls, Oiya and Phoebe, intercepted the horses and decided to test their equestrian skills...

Here they are on the path with two the right size, alone, where they met up with Big Horse.

Big Horse immediately alerts Guard One, who firmly sends them on their way back to Dolltown central.

Now, we are missing a few photos from the next part of the story here.

Did Guard One delete them?

Thinking that, as "Security",  he can manipulate the story?


After the little girls head back, Vikka comes by.

You see Vikka here, good friends with Big Horse.


Vikka is good friends with Guard One too.

She often accompanies him on his patrols, amusing him with stories of the goings on in Dolltown (things that happen while he is out on lonely surveillance).

And asking him about his life before he was offered this position on the Dolltown Security detail.

(Lee was a little tricky, telling Guard One that he would be guarding princesses from another world, under constant danger from unknown enemies. Lee left out the part where he would be also be running after Tink and Xennia, looking for lost babies, or rounding up little girls out for an afternoon horsey ride! Lucky we have some...attractions, here in Dolltown. And good food.)


Vikka has the run of Dolltown, very independent.

And she sees herself as one of the Security detail, with the Iples. Often hanging around them, listening, mimicking.

She is quick, mentally and physically, and has ambitions to be a stuntman for the movies, or a spy, or a martial arts master. Something exciting, and serious.

Lee, the Iples, Guard One and, well, everyone actually (me too!) find Vikka useful as a messenger and an extra helping hand. At every event! And day to day. Even if she is a little...dour.

Here, after the little girls ride away, Vikka makes fun of Guard One.

(She can be sarcastic, her form of humor, although she never cracks a smile).

She swings herself up easily onto Big Horse, using his mane.

She asks Guard One if he wants to do the same, knowing full well he is not articulated, enough.

Horseback riding in not a part of his skill set. He walks past her, stiffly.

Vikka calls out, "Tomorrow?"

Vikka! So cruel! (lol)    

But Guard One knows he is loved.

By Vikka, by me, and the rest of the Dolltowners.

Love is what we do here!

It's one of the reasons he's still here, after all these months.

That, and the big helpings of lasagne, and Darlene, the red lipped vintage Daycarer....

Guard One! Wait up!


Hi Lula! How's it going? Cute school outfit!

Okay, I guess we better get serious.

Find that baby.

Or Lula might ask me to box her up and send her, and the rest of her babies, back to Lani in Australia!

I'll send the Guards out.

And maybe Tink and Xennia again.

I think Xennia and Tink were first to go and get dressed for school at Jiyoon's new Playroom.

How did Lula get ready so fast?

And why did she want her guitar? To sing "Oh Dolltown" on the first day of school?

That guitar has been missing for months.

Maybe I can make Lula one out of cardboard. And string! 

Maybe she won't notice!

Where's my red felt pen...


The Little Darlings Get Ready For School!

Tink and Xennia are the first to show up.

And Tink looks like she is ready for school, although it's not the outfit Maggie and Jiyoon picked for what's up?

Xennia does get her school outfit on.

And Jiyoon and Maggie pick their school clothes too...

Tink and Xennia! Gone already! They don't even wait for a little fun with their friends!

But here come Chantal and Faith...and they snap up the two matching plaid skirt outfits.

They are excited! They even get matching berets!

Jiyoon and Maggie tidy up for who's next.

Birdy and Coco!

Maggie knows Birdy wants to wear the M&K outfit that Tink wore all summer.

The shorts have been put away, but they found a skirt that matches perfectly!

And the helpers find hair ties in their favorite colors.

Yellow for Birdy, and blue for Coco!

Now, next come a pair of friends who love school!

Zoey, our dark haired scholar even takes over the class sometimes to talk about the latest things she's learned.

Maggie and Jiyoon have just the outfit in mind for Zoey.


Zoey and Pearl can't wait for the school year to get started.

They conducted their own Summer School over the summer to help the Dolltown children avoid the summer slide.

"Not on our watch!", they said, gathering reluctant children from the playgrounds and forests.

"If there are three squirrels and six nuts, how many nuts does each squirrel get?"

Now, we hear that Tink and Xennia show up again, even though they are dressed!

Stay tuned....


Tink and Xennia Found Lula's Baby!

Now, first of all, you are not going to understand this blog post without a little background.

Click here for a short back story.

One of Lula's seven New Zealand babies went missing recently during Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig.

Several days have gone by and it hasn't shown up...

Lula expressed her exasperation to me (ouch) and we doubled down on our search.

Which meant that Tink and Xennia switched from hunting for frogs (in school clothes!) to hunting for Lula's baby.


And, success! Lost baby found!

(Thank goodness!)

What a wonderful end to the search!


Tink and Xenna...where did you find Lost Baby?


Under a cabbage? 

Under what cabbage? 

We don't have cabbages here.

What made you say that? 

Where did you really find him?

You two haven't...been hiding him yourselves, have you?


Oh never mind.

Don't answer that.

Cabbage it is...


We don't want any more trouble.

He's here safe in the arms of Lula...

That's all that's important now.


Now Tink, they need you at Jiyoon's Playroom.

They say you have Rosa's red sweater?

Off you go!


Little Darlings, clothes mix ups and mystery solved...

For our Get Ready for School shoot, all the Little Darlings were lined up and their outfits were chosen.

Ahead of time so the chaos of excited little girls didn't distract us too much...


But there were immediate problems today because Scout's dress had been scooped by Quilla for a day or two.

And Tink had grabbed Rosa's red sweater when she had to get busy looking for Lula's baby...


So there were a few stops and starts.


Okay! Let's get busy here.


The action moves quickly so I think I'll tell the story as I go!

Maggie on the left, and Jiyoon on the right were hosting a Get Ready For School day, in Jiyoon's new Playroom.

Rosa, Scout, and Evie arrived to find their outfits. Scout, the long haired redhead, couldn't find her dress.

There it is on Quilla, who heard about the mix up.


Evie found her sweater and shoes, she's almost ready!

Scout got her little turquoise patterned dress from Quilla.

And Maggie found Quilla's orange dress for her 1st school day.

Thanks, Maggie!

Okay, Scout was ready, dressed in her outfit.

Rosa found her red skirt. But asked, "Where's my sweater?"

So Evie and Quilla left to find Tink, last seen wearing the red sweater.

Tink and Xennia showed up right away!

And Tink handed the sweater over to Rosa...

Scout found the sweater for Tink's outfit.

And Rosa and Tink both got their school outfits on...

Then Evie showed up again.

"Guess what, girls!", she said.

It's Lula! With her lost New Zealand baby!

The girls crowd around....

See Evie giving Xennia a hug?

...Because it was Xennia and Tink who found Lula's baby.

They said they found her under a cabbage!

(We have our niggling doubts, but at least the baby is back with Lula. And I'm off the hook.)

Scout gave Tink a hug, happy that she solved the lost baby mystery.

And Lula told the girls all about the adventure.

Xennia got to hold the baby, while Tink fluffed her hair fondly.

And in the background, Jiyoon began looking for something special for Lula...

See her on the left? Looking in the drawer?

Look what Jiyoon found!

The socks that go with Lula's little skeleton outfit!

(Now if only I could find that guitar so easily!)

There! Everybody's dressed!

Lula wanted to take Found Baby back to his brothers and sisters. (There's seven altogether!)

Xennia, of course, wanted to carry him. 

That baby is sure comfortable with Xennia...

Almost as if he is used to her looking after him.

(Under a cabbage? Really?)

Bye girls!

Pack your lunches! School day!

Way to go, Jiyoon and Maggie!

All the Little Darlings are dressed and ready for school.

You have done a fine job moving them along.

And you got to be there when Lula brought Lost Baby! (now Found Baby!)



Now, can you see the girls lying there on their backs!

They are taking a moment to relax and enjoy the sky light...or sky painting, on the ceiling of the pretty Playroom.


Whew! That is kind of like a sports broadcast!

Hope you all made it through the story!


Next...School Time! Excited!

Stay tuned!


First Day of School Photo Shoot

Hey! Our plaid kilt skirt girls are on their way to the Schoolroom and who do they find?


A Talking Head, who at tScout was close by waiting for her photos when this adorable outfit arrived from Linda at amgirliam on eBay.





Lucky girl!he moment has nothing to say... Look! His head is empty!

But we hear his agent is preparing to fill his head with ideas!


But it's a distraction... 

Come on girls! On your way!

You don't want to be late for your photo shoot...


You'll notice Scout is not wearing the dress she was given at Jiyoon's. You didn't notice?

In Dolltown we go clothes shopping for the new school year! Like everyone does.


But we have so many kids that new clothes means ONE OUTFIT! share! And this one is from Linda at amgirliam on eBay.


Here we go! In the Schoolroom...

 Purple plaid skirt, Lovely knitted sweater, yellow tights...and a beret! We love this outfit! Lots of versatility! It even came with these bright green shoes that go so well with Scout's teal green eyes! 




The plaid skirts and white shirts outfits are Betsy McCall clothes. 

And Jiyoon is wearing a bjd outfit that just doesn't fit our Iplehouse JID girls.

Their loss, but a gain for our Little Darlings!


Maggie is wearing a never worn tan, brown, and grey dress from Pachom.

It was picked with Maggie in mind, but will be shared like all of our clothes!

And Rosa, in red, wears a ruffled bjd skirt (as Coco, Pearl and Birdy do below) and a pretty sweater from France that traveled all the way to Australia with Lula last year!


Little curly haired Birdy has on the frog sweater from our cute Maggie and Kate Create shorts outfit!

And Zoey gets to wear our adorable "I love ABC" outfit from Calico Closet!

(Lula's Skeleton outfit comes from the same talented shop.)

Pearl wears another sweater from France...

Xennia and Tink both wear dotted basic dresses from Pachom Suesuwan.

And Evie below wears one from Kathy at TKCTCrafts on eBay.

And this copper sweater was the first in Dolltown...very cute!

How cute are these clothes on the always pretty Little Darlings!

I'll post more sources for these cute outfits...but not until these girls actually start their at-school learning.


Dolls at school!

 That'll give me time to post some more useful information...I hope. 


Next...Lula and Evie hang out in the schoolroom before class starts.

Stay tuned!