Xennia Finds a Baby!

A Dolltown Story Never Told

In the last blog post, Lula arrived at Terri's End of Season Shindig with her New Zealand babies.

But one was missing, she said. 

And she asked Xennia if she took it!



3 Reasons:

1. Xennia loves babies!


2. At the beach recently,  Xennia asked Lula if she could have one of her New Zealand babies.


3. In July, Xennia found a baby! And she has been quietly looking after it, with help. 


We have all been too busy to post what happened. But under the present circumstances, it's now it's time to tell the story!


It started when a friend dropped off a couple of dollies for us...







July 2016!

"There's a new baby in Dolltown!", said Scout.

"Tink and Xennia found it.", said Faith.

"We heard you found a baby!", said Chantal.

Not me!", said Tink.

"Xennia did!", said Tink.

"I found him on the porch.", said Xennia.

"Can we keep him?", Xennia asked me.

"Well, yes. I guess he is is ours now!", I said.

"Where will we keep him?", said Chantal.

"I'll take him to the Daycare!", said Xennia.

"We'll take him for you!", said Faith.

"You two have to stay for photos!", said Chantal.

"Come on, baby!", said Chantal.

"Be careful with him!", said Xennia.

"I hope they don't drop him!", said Xennia.

"He'll be fine!", said Tink.

"I've always wanted my own baby!", said Xennia.

"Xennia! You are a child!", I said.

"Children don't have their own babies!"

"What about Lula? She has seven!", Xennia said.

"Well...you've got a point!", I replied.


"Okay, let's get the photos done!", Xennia said.

"I have to get back to my baby!" 


So, Xennia has been taking care of the little found baby since July.

We have kept an eye on them to make sure she is up to the task.

(In many ways Xennia is like a baby herself!)

But we are impressed with her attentiveness, and how she gets tips from the Daycarers.

And Tink has helped Xennia google baby care when she is puzzled by her baby's behaviour.


But do we think Xennia has taken one of Lula's babies? 

Time will tell. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, more End-of-Summer Shindig posts coming...

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 18:39)

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! I was expecting a much smaller baby. Why he's almost as big as Xennia!!!! (He resembles one of the baby dolls in my house who came from Paris! Maybe he was a stow-away on the Dolly Express when the girls came back from Paris!) I still think the missing baby is somewhere asleep under a cabbage in the garden!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 13:11)

    This baby is so funny...
    Now here's a child who can see a possibility! The size was irrelevant to Xennia. She just wanted a baby of her own. We tried to give her dolls...
    I think she ROLLS him to where she wants him to go. It reminds me of little kids trying to pick up their baby siblings.
    But I haven't heard him babbling in French. lol And I think he is a real local.
    (And it came dressed as a girl! Xennia thought it looked more like a boy. So off came its little country dress!)
    What HAS returned from France are arguments about my yard sale coming up...all that cotton fabric and those silk curtains I was going to sell, the LD's want it all to make clothes. What is happening! I have to put it BACK into the linen closet. I even tried the argument that the sale of those curtains could buy new shoes. But since the LD's knew the shoes would be for the boys they were unmoved. Pleeeease, they said.
    I'm going to try sorting the tools...without ANY dolls around!
    Thanks April...I think! :)