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Little Darlings · 10. February 2018
A sleepover and Doll wig changes... Faith reveals her inner self, with help from her bff's.

20. July 2017
The boys helped the Little Darlings with the Eiffel Tower. Douglas and Geoff come to the garden and Chantal and Faith are there to show them the Tower. ...

05. July 2017
We did it! The Eiffel Tower model is complete! Seven of the Little Darlings were there to finish up the top of the Tower! Way to go, girls!

05. June 2017
Dianna Effner Little Darlings Faith, Jiyoon, and Chantal are setting up the Eiffel Tower model. And they found glitter! Fun!

03. June 2017
Dianna Effner Little Darlings got a new straw hat, with silk flowers! We won it as a prize! Faith gets to try it on!

23. May 2017
It's time for the Dolltowners to assemble the Eiffel Tower model from Fashion Doll Stylist! The Little Darling are excited!

01. January 2017
Our Christmas is just going on and on! That's what happens when we go event by event, enjoying every minute! We don't want to leave the fun happenings unposted so let's keep going...winter will be here for a while! We were gifted with a spinning wheel...two actually! A dear old grandma was letting them go. And Auntie Shirley brought them home, just for us! Lovely for Dolltown! Thank you, dear Shirley! Little Phoebe is just the right size for the second spinning wheel. We have popped that one in...

30. October 2016
Light play... Not easy to see the girls and creatures!

22. October 2016
Faith and Zoey were on hand as the old jewelry boxes were sorted during a clutter clearing. So they not only got to pick jewelry that stayed, but put together a velvet box of jewelry for dolls. And they each chose a bead necklace to wear to school...

15. October 2016
Well, Jiyoon was pretty sad when Maggie left for London with Tasya. Maggie and Jiyoon have been hanging out for months. After Maggie left, BFF's Chantal and Faith decided to take her out for an afternoon in the autumn sun. The three hopped into the car when I headed over to Jackie's. They spent time on the deck, balancing courageously on the ledge. I did my best to take a few photos without freaking out. (The 4 inch ledge meant there was a high possibility of face plants to the deck floor. But...

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