It's Getting Dark in the Moon Arch Room...

Light play...

Not easy to see the girls and creatures!

And with that, the little girls were taken home...

Violet Raven got lots of love from them tonight!


Raven is soon joined by the other Juniors...

They were left to enjoy the moonlit night, on The Others!

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    April (Monday, 31 October 2016 18:20)

    Now it's dark and spooky. And those "friendly" creatures suddenly take on a dark and scary air! But don't worry, everybody is still friendly and warm. It's all just a game!!! No need to look so worried.

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    Jano (Tuesday, 01 November 2016 14:49)

    Oh she is a kind one, that Miss April.
    Friendly and warm.
    Even our dark and spooky Halloween is warm and friendly. Too true!