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21. June 2017
Our three Iplehouse JID girls, a Tania, Cordelia, and Violet. We took a garden tour and took lots of photos!

30. October 2016
Light play... Not easy to see the girls and creatures!

28. October 2016
More Iplehouse Juniors are heading up the path to their Dolltown Abbey... This lad does no more than don his skull cap to ready himself for the party with the Dolltowners. The girls are always asking him if he is dressed for Halloween, at all times of the year. It's that pale skin and his constant black garb. And the way he looks sideways at them... They giggle and run away screaming...

05. October 2016
Throwback Thursday! Random Iplehouse bjd photos from last October... Some photos that are NOT Little Darlings! They got ALL the attention this week. A couple of these were used in stories. Most didn't make it on to the site!

07. June 2016
Terra, definitely an Earth spirit, is at the Path. She is spending time with the plants and acknowledging the four directions. The boys , who were out for a hike, come across her in the forest. But hide until she's gone... Wow! Isn't she something! Owen says!

11. May 2016
It's the Iplehouse JID girls! Their sculpt names: Violet, Cordelia, and Tania. Here in Dolltown we call them...a variety of names depending on their story characters. They are dressed in their Pachom day dresses... These girls have been at Asa's Open House for a photo, then came to the Bridge to hang out for a while with the other Dolltowners...

04. May 2016
Asa takes time for reflection and when she emerges she gathers her family around her. This is her tribe-bjd's from around the world. The girls Mercy, Simmin, and Terra. The boys Spiro and Bo. And Airus, our ghostly presence. Or he wishes.

29. October 2015
Three friends meet at The Fall Tree where the Halloween action will begin soon!