Iple Juniors on the Path!

More Iplehouse Juniors are heading up the path to their Dolltown Abbey...

This lad does no more than don his skull cap to ready himself for the party with the Dolltowners.

The girls are always asking him if he is dressed for Halloween, at all times of the year.

It's that pale skin and his constant black garb.

And the way he looks sideways at them...

They giggle and run away screaming...

Tania Aira added airy maple leaf sparkle leaves  for wings and with a simple gold halo she becomes a tree angel...

I think she likes it so much we'll see her in it for a while. 

Her friend Odelle adorned herself with orange butterflies for Halloween.

I'm sure I saw the two of them flying through the tree tops earlier today....possible? 

Who knows with these creatures!


Although they linger at the Dark Tree, it's time for them to get to the Moon Arch Room.

The little ones are expecting them!

More Halloween photos with the Iple Juniors on The Others...

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