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28. October 2016
More Iplehouse Juniors are heading up the path to their Dolltown Abbey... This lad does no more than don his skull cap to ready himself for the party with the Dolltowners. The girls are always asking him if he is dressed for Halloween, at all times of the year. It's that pale skin and his constant black garb. And the way he looks sideways at them... They giggle and run away screaming...

31. October 2015
Variety of bjd's... Normal skins, peach gold skins, and real skins, all dressed in black. Hey Tania! What's with the pink bunny costume?

29. October 2015
Three friends meet at The Fall Tree where the Halloween action will begin soon!

14. July 2015
Choosing dolls for your collection is a personal thing, but we have reasons... Once we identify why we are collecting dolls, or what we love about it, the choices we make can be based on a variety of factors: the age and era of the dolls we collect the designer or company the look of the doll the material the doll is made of the size we want the handle ability the use it will be put to the source the cost And we may ask, how will the doll fit in to the collection? Are we filling a gap? Are we...