Dolltown June 2018

Little Darlings in the Garden!

But first, catch up...

Maggie's home!


Dolltown's Little Darling Maggie traveled to London last year with our daughter Tasya. Maggie lived in a small flat with Tasya and her cat, Lhasa.

Maggie had to be kept out of Lhasa's reach for the months she lived in London. Maggie looked like a play toy to the scratchy cat. 


When Tasya returned for a visit, she brought Maggie home to her Dolltown friends.   And Maggie arrived with her own cat! Not as scratchy as princess Lhasa!


This photo shows Maggie in a grad cap. She has been wearing it since Tasya's own graduation. There was a celebration, with Maggie participating from a high shelf...


All the girls were happy to see Maggie, but none more than Jiyoon. Jiyoon and Maggie had formed a special bond and both talked for hours after Maggie emerged from the travel bag...


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Time for Some Garden Play! Come On, Little Darlings!

Jiyoon's the early bird today. The sun is shining, the flowers are out....


The Little Darlings are finding their shoes and toys, ready for some garden play.

In the meantime, Indira and Fig make it in to the garden. 

Fig finds Jack getting a little fresh air too! A little mingling...

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Tonner Ellowynes in the Garden

The Tonner Ellowynes have been discontinued. Robert Tonner has carried on to other doll design projects. Ethereal creatures made with 3D printers (Go ahead, research on Google and prove me wrong... What? That was just a rumour? Sorry, I've been too busy to pursue real facts. I'll leave that to the really retired.)


We have all four Ellowyne sculpts in Dolltown. The three here are, from left, an Amber, a Lizette, and an Ellowyne. 


Of course we give them their own names here, so we can distinguish them from each other. 


Taffy, in the middle, had a few more photos, from different angles, against the cedar hedge.

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Tree Climbing - Uley in the Garden

It was a long winter and Uley wanted to get some fresh air in the garden.


The plum tree is a favorite climbing tree, especially with a hanging basket of Million Bells to fall into.


It won't be long now until the others join him!

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