Tree Climbing - Uley in the Garden

It was a long winter and Uley wanted to get some fresh air in the garden.


The plum tree is a favorite climbing tree, especially with a hanging basket of Million Bells to fall into.


It won't be long now until the others join him!

Look at that hair!

We'll leave Uley dreaming in the flowers while the sun shines.

No worries, we have the sun/shade ratio calculated carefully and figure he's got 3 minutes tops before the heavy shade of the roof protects his sensitive dolly skin. I give the impression of freedom for the outside doll adventures but do keep a close eye on risks.


I just don't want to talk about the three (3!) girls falling down into the dirt in a recent garden photo shoot, from their perch on a shelf. Shocked me into hustling everyone inside for...well, a few days. Gave me time to pick the cedar out of their perfect locks, and brush their eyes with a soft paintbrush.

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    April (Saturday, 01 September 2018 06:38)

    Oh my!!! Uley is as colorful as the flowers in the garden!!! He’d better be careful. Might get plucked!!! Ha ha ha. Beautiful photos.