Dolltown Settings

Doll Backgrounds

Some backgrounds from Happy Life on eBay

The Winter Park

This winter park scene is a useful backdrop for meet ups in Dolltown.


I have a couple of snowy backdrops since winter is a pretty much a four month season here.

Asa's Room

Before props are added...


I chose this background FOR Asa. I liked the Asian look to it, and love the round window with the moon shining in!

The Bridge

Another meet up place!

This looks like BC with all those fir trees! Feels like home, although it's a little more pine tree country around here...

The wire "bike" is very useful for propping dolls. 

Some backgrounds from eBay store iWindland

Maintained by fengdanhua1977

The Pink Room

We used this room in February 2016 for our Valentine shoots.


It has a lovely warm glow.


Asa's Room

Here you can see the set up with the background on a tension rod, suspended between bookcases is my living room.

Dispelling illusions...

And that's me in the mirror, taking the photo. lol

The Picket Fence

This is a lovely scene beside a picket fence. I like the proximity of the house in the background, so the little children can meet here.

Canvas Prints

The City, Skyscrapers

Outdoor Cafe, Canal

Tree and Owls

Original Art

Country Scene

Outdoor Cafe, Lake

Natural Settings...the Real World

Our Garden

The Bird Houses

This is a natural setting in our garden that I use a lot.


The gridlike "floor" of this metal garden structure has been perfect for snow shots, as the snow falls through and leaves a good surface for the dolls to stand on.


The 2 birdhouses on it are perfect for quick shots-easy to lean dolls against them (or on them!). I love birdhouses! They are not the only ones I use with my dolls...


In this setting, my cedar hedges provide an all season green background.


The Bird Houses in Winter

Here is a shot of the structure in its garden context. 


My dolls are propped here a lot in good weather as it is beside a couple of wood and metal patio chairs. Coffee and dolls!


The chair you see is in a lot of shots because it has a slight lean to the back which is very safe for setting up single and group doll shots. The dolls' feet balance against the slats of the chair perfectly.

And the arms of the chair keep the dolls from falling sideways.


The Red Wagon, where Tink made a frog pond. Well, they tried...

Local Locations

Mischelle's Place!

This photo shoot happened on a snowy Winter Solstice night in December 2016


Zoey and I were at Mischelle's by the Nicola River...

Daphne's Garden

Waaay too many places for photo ops...

Grace's Place

Serene and green...

Out and About