Dolltown February 2019

Girls in the Pink Room

Dolls in Dolltown

It's Oiya in the Pink Room!

She's in a dreamy mood, in her satin dress...


Oiya usually is in jeans and a shirt, ready for exploring. But for our Valentine event, Oiya was given the pink satin dress to wear and loved it! All the Dolltown children had a wonderful time and when Valentines Day was done, they all scattered.


But Oiya came back to the Pink Room one more time. And so did little Vera, here in her lime green tights.

So we sent bjd Aira to keep an eye on them and they had a lovely time with the fringed scarves, silk flowers, and gemstones, giggling about boys and Valentines.

Dolls in Dolltown
Betsy McCall doll

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More Valentines Day photos!

Valentines Day

Our stylist, Valentine, helped all our dollies get into their Valentine fancies. And no dress was fancier that Lula's vintage Betsy McCall.


Sometimes, Lula's star power gets to shine through!

Usually she is wearing outdoor gear, ready for action. But Valentine had this gorgeous dress ready and Lula knew she could pull it off.


And she could even sit down in it. When Valentine Bear showed up in the Pink Room. Lula sunk to the floor to talk to him.


Valentine has helped us get ready before, for Valentines Day...





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Dolltown Valentines Day 2019

Happy Valentines Day!


Little Darlings and Valentines Day go together like hearts and chocolate...


Lula Star leads the way to the Pink Room, perfect for Valentines festivities!

And all her friends join her for photos before the fun starts!


Once again, every pink item in the Little Darling wardrobe was gathered for the girls to choose from. And there is just enough!


Here the girls are with their bff's.


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