Get Dressed for the Valentine's Party!

Our little Darlings are in the Pink Room to get dressed for their Halloween party.


Not only did the Ellowyne girls let them use their favorite dressing room, they also sent over the Harlequin doll, Valentine, to help them choose their outfits.


Val, a stylist, knows they have a color challenge, using only pink, red, purple, and white. Makes sense, he thinks...Valentine colors! He has laid out lots of clothes...


Valentine, Tink needs help!

She has chosen a nightie because it has pink sheep! 

Pink bear, Fluffy, has the color card to use as a guide.

Come on, everyone here knows the colors, right?


Xenny even found a pink dress that wasn't on the tray. But Val thinks it's over the top, so he guides Xenny to choose again.

And she found her favorite romper. Okay, Xenny!

The Little Darlings come in little groups to choose their Valentine's outfits. Faith, Scout, and Xenny were the last to arrive because they had stopped to tell the boys the rules. Wear pink! they said.

We'll see if the boys comply!

Fluffy is happy to be a part of the photo shoot!

The stuffies are petitioning to join the dolls in their Dolltown adventures. We are thinking about it...

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