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29. February 2016
Valentine, our stylist for the Valentine party, took the plunge with several Dolltown Little Darlings and changed their looks... We love the changes so far. Let's live with them for a while to see if the changes stay! Thanks Valentine!

26. February 2016
It's little Linda McCall, with McCall's Betsy and Barbara. Also Paola Reina Liu and Agnes Dreary in a pink ribbon! In Dolltown, that's Pamela, Nellie, and little Vera. And Ling in a plaid skirt and Vikka in her black boots.

23. February 2016
Okay, something is up with my photo posting the last couple of days. The photos are sideways. So I "fix" them which means that they look sideways to ME. Hopefully not to you...

19. February 2016
We have a little Dianna Effner Porcelain Blossom, our Zhilan. Then a tiny East Indian Madame Alexander. And our two Marie Osmond toddler girls...

14. February 2016
Pretty in pink! And purple, white, red... Valentine has styled the dollies, adding the finishing touches of ribbons and head bands after the girls chose their footwear.

14. February 2016
Our little Darlings are in the Pink Room to get dressed for their Halloween party. Not only did the Ellowyne girls let them use their favorite dressing room, they also sent over the Harlequin doll, Valentine, to help them choose their outfits. Val, a stylist, knows they have a color challenge, using only pink, red, purple, and white. Makes sense, he thinks...Valentine colors! He has laid out lots of clothes... Valentine, Tink needs help! She has chosen a nightie because it has pink sheep!

10. February 2016
Party planning with Miss Sky and the girls...

07. February 2016
In Dolltown, Ernie and some of his relatives gather in the Community Centre. Ernie introduces his son Abe, and his daughter, teen mom Chacha. His sister Mokidin, shown here in the 1st photo, goes to get Chacha's baby and her nieces.

06. February 2016
Last spring Ernie, now playing a long time resident of Dolltown's surrounding valley, welcomed new arrivals Priscilla and Fancy Nancy. Priscilla is not happy. Well, ever. Fancy Nancy is. Always.

04. February 2016
Tonner men Peter Parker, our Knox, Edward Cullen, our Eddie, and Harry Potter, our Wiz. Here Harry has changed into his new magic Tshirt and teal jeans. Eddie is wearing mock leather studded pants bought for the bjd boys. Better fit on the Tonner guys! Same for several other pieces, including the black sports jacket on Knox...

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