Tonner Men Fashion

Tonner men Peter Parker, our Knox, Edward Cullen, our Eddie, and Harry Potter, our Wiz.


Here Harry has changed into his new magic Tshirt and teal jeans.


Eddie is wearing mock leather studded pants bought for the bjd boys. Better fit on the Tonner guys! 

Same for several other pieces, including the black sports jacket on Knox...

These Tonner guys came in very well made clothes- Tshirts, jeans, shoes, and a jacket.


The jeans are lined...

The long sleeved Tee shown here opens at the back. And has snaps. That's easy dressing!


Makes up for the time spent prying off the shoes. And getting them back on. 

What can I use for a dolly shoe horn?

You gotta be creative!

Where's my manicure set?

The girls are discussing the shortage of clothes for the guys here.

Should they hold a fundraiser?


But have you seen the clothes available for Tonner men? they say.

Not much...



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