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Little Darlings · 28. June 2019
Little Darling Tink gets a monkey suit, but a pretty one! And our gorgeous Tonner Ellowyne Amber dons a new outfit too, in vibrant colors to match her hair! The other girls want a chance at these outfits!

Children Dolls · 29. December 2018
Little girl doll by Helen Kish, and more dolls by Dianna Effner, Heidi Plusczok, Heartstrings, Tonner, Berdine Creedy, Berengeur, and a Fancy Nancy by Madame Alexander! See the photos!

08. August 2017
Kidz n Cats Jakob, our Hal, brings the little girls to see the Eiffel Tower. Lilac Moon, Gabby, and Vera are amazed!

07. August 2017
The little girls, Tonner Patsy, Berdine Creedy Lolly Pop, and Linda McCall...

21. December 2016
Vikka has scooted all the girls to the Community Center, now they are dressed up and ready. She is drawn to the lace and ribbons, and takes a few minutes to choose a little red to accessorize her favorite black and whites... Better hurry, Vikka! You know you are always needed for the set changes, and lining up the girls! It's so peaceful, no wonder she lingers...,,

01. November 2016
It's very may even be November 1st now! THAT's a good party! Xennia stayed for a while getting photos taken, then she was taken to bed...

14. September 2016
The Ellowynes have been in and out of Dolltown all summer. The local girls have been off to the City visiting and doing business with the City girls. And the City girls have been traveling to other countries. (And our Willow was on the catwalk of Paris in June!) We knew the Dolltown Ellowynes were back. But we didn't know the City gang was here too! But they all came down to Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig! First Eddie, Willow and Bandy brought the City group. They had to leave early to get back...

01. August 2016
Tonner American Model Glamour Too, our Arlen, is joining Birdy and her friends for the birthday party. And Birdy and Rosa have befriended the birthday birds.

04. February 2016
Tonner men Peter Parker, our Knox, Edward Cullen, our Eddie, and Harry Potter, our Wiz. Here Harry has changed into his new magic Tshirt and teal jeans. Eddie is wearing mock leather studded pants bought for the bjd boys. Better fit on the Tonner guys! Same for several other pieces, including the black sports jacket on Knox...

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