Vikka Chooses Ribbons and Lace...

Vikka has scooted all the girls to the Community Center, now they are dressed up and ready.


She is drawn to the lace and ribbons, and takes a few minutes to choose a little red to accessorize her favorite black and whites...


Better hurry, Vikka!

You know you are always needed for the set changes, and lining up the girls!


It's so peaceful, no wonder she lingers...,,

And with that, the Dolltown Library was empty.

The bowl of lace was all tidied up, thanks to dear Vikka.

And what you didn't see was Vikka quickly taking a little piece of the pretty lace.

It was trailing behind her like a breath of snow as she flew off to the CC.

Vikka and lace? We'll see...

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    April (Monday, 26 December 2016 18:24)

    Oh older girl is needed to put order in the room. The little ones tend to get caught up in the moment and who knows what the decorations will resemble at the end of the day. Thank goodness for Vikka! From the look on her face, she seems to take her task seriously!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 14:03)

    Vikka takes all her tasks seriously! We all do what we can to lighten things up for her, while still depending on her to look after things. Yes, thank goodness for Vikka!
    Love it that she took time to doll herself up a little, too!