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11. July 2017
Cute photos of baby dolls. Berenguer, Marie Osmond, Madame Alexander, a little Dianna Effner...

21. December 2016
Vikka has scooted all the girls to the Community Center, now they are dressed up and ready. She is drawn to the lace and ribbons, and takes a few minutes to choose a little red to accessorize her favorite black and whites... Better hurry, Vikka! You know you are always needed for the set changes, and lining up the girls! It's so peaceful, no wonder she lingers...,,

01. November 2016
It's very may even be November 1st now! THAT's a good party! Xennia stayed for a while getting photos taken, then she was taken to bed...

21. October 2016
Vikka slips into the schoolroom between classes.... Nobody knows that she is an accomplished piano player, except Chantal, who has caught her playing before. Chantal is hoping they can play a duet some day.

22. July 2016
Ice Cream Party for the children in Dolltown! What a motley crew! From big Hal, Kidz n Cats, to little Fancy Nancy and Tonner Patsy, our Gabby... all enjoying ice cream cupcakes and little tubs of ice cream.... Well, I guess they are big, for little dolls!

26. February 2016
It's little Linda McCall, with McCall's Betsy and Barbara. Also Paola Reina Liu and Agnes Dreary in a pink ribbon! In Dolltown, that's Pamela, Nellie, and little Vera. And Ling in a plaid skirt and Vikka in her black boots.

15. December 2015
A classic Betsy McCall! We call her Pamela and she came with her friend and a little Linda, pictured here. Pamela looks a little older so she got to wear this fancy grown up looking sequined dress. She was the envy of the other little girls...

29. October 2015
Here's Lee, and Vikka has happily come to his bidding. Adventure! Little Ling shows up, and the strong lad, Bo is summoned. There's something up. Some story here...

18" Crissy Doll and Agnes Dreary doll, with an American Girl salon chair
15. July 2015
The scale of my dolls, the relative sizes of one doll to another, has surfaced as an issue again as I share my doll photos with Someone I Know. And I find I am facing a kind of doll discrimination.... As I began my doll collecting in earnest again a while back, I was paying a lot of attention to scale. I collected lots of photos and information for reference, measuring my dollies and pouring over photos of dolls that might be a good fit. Since I was starting with a variety of sizes and...