While We Sort Out a Mystery...More Baby Photos!

We took lots of baby photos the other day...and we posted a few of the baby photos with our Vintage caretakers, Cindy and Darlene.


Then it was on to the Eiffel Tower garden photos!


But we need to pause while we sort out a mystery with those Little Darling garden photos. 

And in the meantime we are happy to post a few more of the baby photos!


First, the whole group is here, and we are keeping an eye on them because Cindy and Darlene, their caregivers, are getting their baths ready. Some of them are taken for their baths and Vikka steps in to babysit the rest.


We have pictures here of the tiny Berenguers changing into adorable new outfits! With Vikka helping!

 And the big Berenguer baby has a little fun. Although she keeps that funny expression the whole time!


Finally, Vikka carries the Berenguer babies off for their baths.

And our wooden bear and Clown Baby are left with the big toy.

It's a lot quieter...

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  • #1

    Mary (Thursday, 13 July 2017 08:34)

    All the babies are so cute! I love the outfits on the Berenguer babies. They look like some that I bought from someone for my 5 1/2" Wee-Bambino doll.

  • #2

    April (Thursday, 13 July 2017 09:43)

    Oh....you are so lucky to have a doll like Vikka. She is soooo helpful, changing and looking after all those babies!!!! But I imagine, still, that must be one very noisy corner!!!!