The Babies


These twin baby dolls have inspired stories for me for many, many years...

They are primary motivators for all of my years of Doll collecting, learning, photo-taking, and family bonding.


I am sure caring for these babies as a child  helped to develop the natural nurturing I felt as I cared for  children. Thanks, babies!


Do you have childhood baby dolls?

Baby Doll Blog

What's Under Sam's Cape?

Well, isn't that something! We have had Silent Sam in Dolltown for over two years and we have never seen under his cape. It's funny how some dolls just seem dressed already.

No costume changes!


Recently however, we did a little research and realized Silent Sam was probably meant to be a female doll. We looked up the origins...


Sam has always been a guy doll to us. Even after we discovered he had a baby.

I mean we get a say in this, right?


We got curious, though, about what was under Sam's cape. And less than an hour into the visit with our new doll, Sam peacocked his cape right up over his head. (Or her head.)


He kind of looks like a guy, with short pink arms. 


Stunning beads, Sam!

But we noticed the beads on one beaded foot are coming unravelled...

Uh what?


Look on the left there! You can see Sam's baby on his back!

The small blue roll! Does that mean it's a boy? 

Is "Blue for boys, pink for girls." an African thing, Togo?

We decided to call mama "Togo" and her baby "Lome"

We think they came from the country of Togo, and Lome is a city there...


Okay, I'm going to leave them to get to know each other.

I think I can hear action back at our Eiffel Tower!


Dolltown Babies...

Walmart happy baby dolls boy and girl twins

More twin baby dolls, so cheerful!

Dianna Effner 12" Porcelain McDonald You Deserve a Break Today doll

Macdonald, a 12" Dianna Effner "You Deserve a Break Today" baby doll

Dianna Effner 6" Blossom, porcelain and cloth

Little toddler Blossom, hangs with the Children too.

Marie Osmond Doll 6" Porcelain Rosebud

Marie O's Rosebud, my Spice, so pretty

Berenguer 6" smiling  baby

Smiling Berenguer baby, doctor check up.

Marie Osmond 6" Porcelain Blonde Baby

My Sugar, another sweet Marie Osmond

Blond 6" Berenguer baby

Cute wigged Berenguer baby doll