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The School Room is Ready! Teacher is Here!

Dolltown teacher, Sky, is ready for students!


She had help setting up the Magic Library as a schoolroom, from Jack and Priscilla.


The piano is here! Learning blocks, books, an abacus for counting, the alphabet...


Sky has been in Dolltown since close to its beginning. And she slid into the teacher role when we noticed her calming and persuasive effect on the children. 


That was important! The children are so active, noisy, charge!

We do wonder if she has a special power.

So many here do...


Sky has befriended Jack, an outcast in the doll world, but not in Dolltown.

He is safe here, but we don't expose him often to the "real" world.


Because he has to be excluded from lots of the bjd stories and action here in Dolltown, he is often alone, and wanders the Dolltown streets.

Sky, with her soft heart, has felt the loneliness he feels.

As an OOAK (one of a kind) she knows what it's like to be a singleton.

And she has reached out to him, befriended him, and even invited him to stay with her in town.


Some newbies think they are family! No wonder! Look at the two of them!

Jack has never had a grandma.


He feels happier than he has in all his years here in Dolltown.


The Iples do their best to make him feel at home at Dolltown Abbey,

but he is very conscious of his illegitimacy.

Once, he even said he was off to the Wall... the north Wall, not the...oh nevermind.

While setting up the schoolroom for the younger children,

Sky discovered that Jack has never been to school. He has gaps...

Still counting on your fingers, Jack?

Boy, did you hook up with the right dolly!

Sky has work to do!

She sends him off to gather the children.


And Priscilla arrives...

Priscilla is still packing around her little dolly.

Look how happy she is (the dolly, I mean!)

Priscilla, have you named your little dolly yet?

Patty, Peony, Paloma...?

A hug! Wow, you are one lucky girl, Priscilla!

Your little dolly loves you regardless of, your...face?

I'm sorry, but what can I say?

You were born that way!

We have only seen you smile once...


She's gone. We heard her muttering about finding a baby name book. Awww...

Ready and waiting.

Time to ring the bell!

Go for it, Sky!


Princesses at the River

Okay, so the Disney Princesses don't do more here than pose for the camera.

But look how happy they are!


I'm sure they are a part of some adventure involving princes, castles, and happy endings.


But they were kind enough to take a few moments, and come to the Dolltown River for some photos with Bunny.


I bribed them with new dresses. That works every time. Or it would if I had new dresses for them every time! 


I am testing dresses from Prairie Moon in different sizes. We have enough girls for a dress to fit someone!


However, once again, these Princesses are odd ones to dress. Their proportions are surprising!

They are the only ones slim enough in the torso to wear these, but two of them are too long!

Too long for active Dolltown activities...tree climbing, puddle wading, frog hunting.

But not too long for a princess dress, when I think about it! So we are good.

And...Merida, Rapunzel, and Snow White are happy!

These girls love posing...they are used to fawning attention.

They wanted tea served in pretty cups, and music...maybe harps, playing in the background.

They thought we might clear the "floor" for dancing.

Hmmm...some other time, girls.

Don't you three have an adventure to get back to?



Dolltowners at the Dolltown Cinema

It's the Disney Princesses!


We had a lot of Dolltowners come to the movies while the popcorn lasted.


We caught photos of some of them while the Little Darlings are changing for their next adventure...


So Rapunzel, Merida, and Snow White arrived to watch the latest animated Disney Princess movie, Moana!

Of course they can't wait until Beauty and the Beast comes to Dolltown!


And we were excited that our Monster High girls came out of hiding with Jade J'Adore of the Bratz doll tribe.

They all shared one piece of popcorn. They want to keep their slim figures...


And we were very surprised to see a tiny character doll emerge from a forgotten basket, our broken Mad Batman. So cute!

And even our beloved wooden teddy came, struggling to get popcorn into his mouth, so Tiny Art Doll helped him.

Oh, I love our kind!

(I don't think those two even went to see a movie. They just came for the popcorn!


First, our pretty Princesses!

These little Toddler Princesses are so glad that we discovered they can wear a lot of Little Darling clothes.

That gives them waaaay more choices! 

Looking very cute, girls! Enjoy the movie!

It's the Twig Trio! Oona, Jade, and Catrine!

I shouldn't tease them about their slenderness.

They were born that you girls!

They are here to watch last year's movie, Welcome to Monster High...

And they can't wait for the Monster High-Electrified, released soon!

(Does that mean that I have to see it too? Of course I would love too...)


I am so impressed with Oona! (I think she is a Draculaura?)

She has been in Dolltown for over a year, and although she has come for stories and photos,

I think this is the first time she has led her group here.

And allowed real close ups!

We got her in a bag of dolls from Value Village and has been so skittish that it made me wonder what had happened in her previous home!

We'll never know, but she is a, umm, an attractive doll (she's listening), so we are glad she is letting us get up close and personal. Hey Oona, want to tell us where you lived before?

No? about some nice mac and cheese for supper (I'm always wanting to put a couple of ounces on those skeletal arms). No again. Okay, well, lovely to see you and your friends...


Hey! Look who it is!

It's a little Mad Batman figure who snuck into Dolltown with the Attic Dolls!

I saw him at the bottom of a basket with random characters, but I thought his legs were...missing.

The popcorn seems to have lured him into the spotlight!

We'll help him back to his basket after he's had his fill...

Awww. This wooden teddy can't get the popcorn into his mouth with those stiff arms.

He needs an articulated friend to give him a hand, or two, like our Tiny Art Doll.

Now that's teamwork! Way to go Dolltowners!

But Tiny Art Doll has to go. And Jiyoon steps in to help...

Hey Jiyoon! Aren't you supposed to be changing?

I don't blame her for wanting to keep on that pretty lace skirt and knit top, all adorned with flowers!

And our Wooden Bear is glad she's here. More popcorn!


(I bet our Disney Princesses would love to get ahold of Jiyoon's outfit...lace, satin, crinkle ribbon!)



Dolltowners by the Dozen...

The Dolltowners are arriving in droves for some Christmas fun! 


The boys have gone back to their clubhouse but the word is out and look who's here!


Disney Toddler Princesses in their Etsy outfits, Kim lasher's Miley keeping an on things, and a variety of Christmas characters...


Who else? Scroll to see!

Snow White Rapunzel, and Merida...lovely to have these favorite characters. 

Such funny dolls with their big eyes!

Children love them...they are so familiar with the Disney movies, so they feel they know these girls!

Magic Barbie, at least that's what we call her. 

She says her name is Faye...

Vintage Cee n Dee's. Our Darlene and Cindy.

Their original short do is covered with silky Hannah wigs.

Love those faces! Sleep eyes...


Terri Lee's...the blond is from the 90's, and the brunette is a current sculpt, part of a series of four.

Love these chubby cheeked curvy girls, who are both children and grown ups!

Grown Ups here in Dolltown. Young adults looking after their now-vintage moms.

Somebody has to! I'm pretty busy!

Uley looks like he's giving a message to the Terri Lee's...

It's Joy! Our oldest porcelain (except for two still in a trunk), and she's only 20 years old or so.

A dime store doll. It was that smile...

And our Heidi Ott doll, a vinyl and cloth boy, so he's always sitting.

Unless we can find a good way to prop him!

And Joy has Worry Dolls! Great Christmas gifts!


A child told me today, when he spied a Nutcracker like these in our Doll Diorama...

"...but I don't think a Nutcracker is a doll.""

I finally met someone, from Europe, who says they all had these dolls, like our Owl below, as kids!

And I forgot to ask her what it was!

And, of course, our Monster highs.... Lovely girls. Really!

After you get to know them.

Some of our cloth dolls...we don't have many.

I made the sad faced ghost a loooong time ago.

(The one made out of girls/ tights, or leotards, that looks like a lump of potato)

And the other two are from two different eras. So cute.

Enjoy yourselves, Dolltowners! 

Christmas comes but once a year....

(Look at Miley! She looks like she's gone to sleep with her eyes open!)


Piano Time...Vikka in the Schoolroom!

Vikka slips into the schoolroom between classes....

Nobody knows that she is an accomplished piano player, except Chantal, who has caught her playing before.

Chantal is hoping they can play a duet some day.


Terri Lee's End of Summer Shindig

It's time for a Dolltown Community event!

Terri Lee has invited everyone to an End-Of-The-Summer shindig at her home in the country.


Terri Lees's House!


Terri lives in a big country house with a large kitchen and lots of rooms.

This is where most of the dolls live when they arrive in Dolltown.

It's comfy and has a big yard where the children play, and everyone works in the garden...


The community is arriving! Get ready, girls!

Get the tea ready! Put out the fruit baskets!

Terri Lee is our vintage "Grandma" in Dolltown.

(Don't forget, she's a doll, so sure she looks young. But she is a Terri Lee from the 50's and had to have a simple makeover because she had lost all her hair.)

Everybody looks up to her.

(Well, so to speak, since her limbs are so loose that she doesn't stand anymore.)

Queeny is Terri's BFF.

Look at these two!

They are OOAK Indonesian puppets.

My daughter Lani brought them home from a trip to Indonesia, as a birthday gift for me.

So Dolltown is honoured to welcome them.

And thankful to Lani for such a gift!

Terri offers them a bit of tea.

And he tells her there is a surprise arrival...

Queeny lives here with Terri. But Queeny has become separated from her body...

That's Queeny's head on the Strawberry Tea tray.

But she is going to lie down, so to speak. 

The dolls are fine with her, but some human visitors feel awkward when they see doll parts.

So, out of consideration for our online visitors...


Sorry, Queeny! We'll tell you when they are gone. 

We hear there's dancing after dark. Queeny likes dancing.

These Terri Lee's are from newer generations.

We say Oralee is Queeny's daughter.

And Tamla is Terri's daughter.

And they are both here in Dolltown to help their mothers run the Terri Lee house and keep the community of Dolltown going. They help Terri and Queeny host newcomers, feed the hungry, and hold community events.

And they are introducing newcomers today...

What beautiful craftsmanship!

Lani and Fin drove to the small town where they are made by a couple who create the puppets and make the clothes.

The puppets' hands are attached to sticks so they can be manipulated. We are working on it.

But for now...get to know the Dolltown community!

Ernie, Terri's FWB, arrives to help out. He's mobile!

From my other daughter, Ana, a gift of a Japanese girl!

Oralee and Tamla are happy with the introductions.

And there's more...


Cha cha, Ernie's niece, has just arrived in Dolltown.

Cha cha is a young mom. Her baby is taking an afternoon nap with Cha cha's auntie.

Ernie is happy that his family is gathering in Dolltown...

Okay! Things are going well!

But there's more! Lula is on her way with her little New Zealand family!

The Disney princesses are coming. And Crissy and her crew.

And we hear the Iples are getting ready!

Stay tuned...


And Surprise Awards!

So darling! And so like Pearl and Zoey to take charge, be proactive, and thoughtful too...

An award for Chantal and Faith, for their wonderful performance to start off our awards. And for their bravery! I hope they have set a precedent here in Dolltown!

Show off your talents, Dolltowners!

And how sweet! I was called up myself!

The dollies thanked me for loving them all so much!

Thank you, everyone!

I'm glad it shows!

Now the after party! Ice cream!


Dolltown Awards Day!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


We all, here at Hiya Dolly, have a lot of gratitude for ALL the people: doll designers, blog writers, doll photographers, and friends and family who do so much to support the work and play here in Dolltown.


We research dolly info and enjoy and participate in other's blogs, social media, and photos. We gather settings, props, wardrobes, and best of all...DOLLS!



We want to take the opportunity to acknowledge a few of those who have supported Hiya Dolly in one way or another over the last year or two, like April at Fashion Doll Stylist!

We want to say THANKS! to our loyal readers and subscribers! 


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And Miley has her own gossip column!


We want to say THANKS! to our blog readers, our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest followers.


And thanks to our fabulous dressmakers, like Pachom Suesuwan, in Montreal.


That's Pachom with Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. I'd love to say that Justin is a reader, but...

Dolltown Awards!

Doll Bloggers and Social Media

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Ballet Doll

We have different kinds of dolls, by talented doll designers and makers, that we aren't able to identify!

Thanks to whoever carved and stitched up Boneka here! And to all who created our Dolltowners!

Best Little Darling Dressmaker

Tomi Jane

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Erin Green

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Alison Austin

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Dotti Gesford

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Tie: Jackie and Mischelle

Thank you, everyone!

There are so many people: bloggers, dressmakers, prop and setting suppliers, doll designers, photographers and collectors, who we have benefitted from. 

Miley and I may have a few more awards to add...

And how did Tink get to do TWO awards, BY HERSELF!? I was trying to be fair...


The Dolltown Awards Begin!

A musical performance... Imagine!

Phoebe gives the heads up! Let's start!

Chantal and Faith are ready! (So excited!)

A song!

"We may have different ways to think

But it really doesn't matter"

"I know you could reach the top"

"Be the one that you wanna be"

Well done, Chantal and Faith!

And thanks to the World Doll Band!

Music teacher Sky and friend Boneka are perched on the piano,  close by for support!

Zoey and Pearl introduce their friends to the crowd of Dolltowners, and to our online audience! Welcome all!

"We're all caught up in the stream

Of this life"

"Make sure that you won't stop"

"Now sing this with me"

It is time for the Dolltown Awards!

(Stay tuned! Have a lemonade

while the girls and musicians clear off)

Thank you Darin Zanyar, for the song!

Be What You Wanna Be 

Listen to it here, on You Tube!

My girls do, all the time...


Everyone is ready...Clear the stage!

Yes, Jester Jim!

This is where you will give out your award!

We are all ready!

Uh oh...that trophy stool is in the way!

Is this good? World Doll asks.

She is in charge of the trophies and badges.

Phoebe! Move the stool!

Chantal and Faith need the space for their performance!


Asa and the Community!

Magic Barbie and Asa have a close relationship. MB is like a pretty drone, hovering over Dolltown and letting Asa know what is going on.

The Disney Princesses are asking Asa for missions. They are used to being heroines and saving the day. Dolltown day to day is fun. But isn't there a village or a prince to rescue somewhere? Asa ponders...

No doll expert around here has been able to identify this wonderful dolly from Value Village. She was bought in a bag full of other unnamed dolls (including our Clawdeen). Someday someone will recognize her and tell us who she is. She has no idea herself. We think she might have lost her memory. Maybe PTSD!

Vintage Kimberley and Crissy are happy that Kidz n Cats Hal joined the Dolltown Community. Nice AND cute. And useful, and strong....

Our vintage Becky is so excited to bring her friend, a brand new to Dolltown old doll. It's the first time in her LIFE that she feels she has a special friend just like her!

And he's so cute!

Oh boy! What a Dolltown crew! There's Boneka, hanging on to Asa, and OOAK Sky who looks like a cloud, and Silent Sam who communicates through his mind, and Valentine, our new doll stylist, and very new Bunny, who came for Easter fun and never left...

They all have a great talk!

Vintage Originals Cindy and Darlene, with their gorgeous Ava wigs making them feel as young and beautiful as Asa.

Jade J'Adore, Catrine Demew, and one of the Clawdeens (we think) get to live at Dolltown Abbey, so they see Asa regularly. They have put themselves in charge of the pets and plants... Trading for protection!

And Sophie! Our Dolltown OOAK from Lithuania. She arrived in Dolltown in her own frame and only once has come down from it.

Sophia, still in her frame, came to acknowledge Asa's unprecedented Open House.

Asa felt honored!

And Sophie was Asa's last visitor.

For now...


Warning! Disembodied doll!

Each of the photos above is a story in itself...

But the photos below deserve their own blog!

Here's the young Terri Lees Tamla and Oralee.

And the vintage Terri Lees...

Terri's limbs hold on with her purple outfit, but blond Queeny is still in pieces, just her head made it out of the bag.

But she was glad to emerge, even for a short time!

And a touch from Asa...bliss!

Stay tuned for more of THIS story!

That's it folks!

Asa's Open House...never happened before and may never happen again!

Dolltown Abbey opened its doors, the Dolltown dolls made their way in groups over several days to Asa's own beautiful room, with its circle window, antiques and orchids.

Asa showed stamina and presence of mind, adjusting to each group that came.

We certainly had some spin offs, with more goings on than we could show here, and all the meeting up at the bridge, before and after the visits.

A wonderful April Event, that spilled into May.

Now what's next in Dolltown?

Stay tuned!



Dolltown Babies!

The Toddlers

We have a little Dianna Effner Porcelain Blossom, our Zhilan. Then a tiny East Indian Madame Alexander. And our two Marie Osmond toddler girls...

The Babies

It's our vintage Dee an Cee baby twins! And more twins, cheery Walmart babies. Then a cozy Dianna Effner 1995 MacDonald's and Me baby boy. I love the three Berenguer babies, one large baby girl, and two tiny babies.


First Nations Ernie, with Family, in The Community Center

In Dolltown, Ernie and some of his relatives gather in the Community Centre.


Ernie introduces his son Abe, and his daughter, teen mom Chacha. 


His sister Mokidin, shown here in the 1st photo, goes to get Chacha's baby and her nieces. 

Abe is disabled and stays in his chair. The girls, Zoey, Eve, and Shasta, want to make their cousin Abe happy, and he gets to hold his big sister's baby.


That's a lot of family!


No need to keep all that straight...


Sometimes relationships change for our stories here in Dolltown.

Ernie says, "I love my family."

That's good! Ernie has family far and wide. 

Go to Read More to comment

Flashback! Ernie Welcomes New Arrivals to Dolltown

Last spring Ernie, now playing a long time resident of Dolltown's surrounding valley, welcomed new arrivals Priscilla and Fancy Nancy.

 Priscilla is not happy. Well, ever.

Fancy Nancy is.  Always.

Ernie was really happy with the influx of new dolls. It also meant the arrival of shipments of new doll clothes.

Some clothes arrived even before their dolls. 

Ernie just happened to fit clothes meant for the bjd boys, still traveling from Korea at the time.

He traded in his, umm, knit outfit, for well fitting jeans and a hoodie.



Terri Lee is going to like these jeans, Ernie! 


Now, Priscilla, what about you? Let me answer that....

Would you come with me to the Talk About It Room?

No? You're fine? Okay then...

How about a smile?

No? Perhaps another day....







Dolltown is multi lingual. 


Dolltown Community Dolls...

We had a photo shoot at the Community Center.

These dolls were happy to get out of their baskets and see a little action. 

We wanted profile pics for the dolls' resumes. We like to keep their curriculum vitae updated to give the dollies the best chance for the best assignments and roles.... 

I'd love to introduce you to all these characters.

BUT! I am completely distracted with a new fix for the Hiya Dolly website.

Disqus comments!

Will I have success installing the codes?

We'll see...

So, in the meantime, enjoy imagining what roles these dolls would play...what would they be saying?

Leave a comment and tell me! lol


The Community Dolls

All the dolls that don't belong in the other groups! Lol

Ranging in age from teens, like the Disney Princesses, Crissy, the Nurse Dolls who wear high heels, to the Terri Lees, who look young but are adults here...or even elders like our two vintage Terri Lee's.

And the First Nations dolls, who reside in Dolltown and in the valleys around Dolltown.

There is a lot of interaction with these dolls and some of the special power dolls who are not the BJD's, like Silent Sam, Boneka, Sky and Sophia, our doll in a frame.