Dolltowners by the Dozen...

The Dolltowners are arriving in droves for some Christmas fun! 


The boys have gone back to their clubhouse but the word is out and look who's here!


Disney Toddler Princesses in their Etsy outfits, Kim lasher's Miley keeping an on things, and a variety of Christmas characters...


Who else? Scroll to see!

Snow White Rapunzel, and Merida...lovely to have these favorite characters. 

Such funny dolls with their big eyes!

Children love them...they are so familiar with the Disney movies, so they feel they know these girls!

Magic Barbie, at least that's what we call her. 

She says her name is Faye...

Vintage Cee n Dee's. Our Darlene and Cindy.

Their original short do is covered with silky Hannah wigs.

Love those faces! Sleep eyes...


Terri Lee's...the blond is from the 90's, and the brunette is a current sculpt, part of a series of four.

Love these chubby cheeked curvy girls, who are both children and grown ups!

Grown Ups here in Dolltown. Young adults looking after their now-vintage moms.

Somebody has to! I'm pretty busy!

Uley looks like he's giving a message to the Terri Lee's...

It's Joy! Our oldest porcelain (except for two still in a trunk), and she's only 20 years old or so.

A dime store doll. It was that smile...

And our Heidi Ott doll, a vinyl and cloth boy, so he's always sitting.

Unless we can find a good way to prop him!

And Joy has Worry Dolls! Great Christmas gifts!


A child told me today, when he spied a Nutcracker like these in our Doll Diorama...

"...but I don't think a Nutcracker is a doll.""

I finally met someone, from Europe, who says they all had these dolls, like our Owl below, as kids!

And I forgot to ask her what it was!

And, of course, our Monster highs.... Lovely girls. Really!

After you get to know them.

Some of our cloth dolls...we don't have many.

I made the sad faced ghost a loooong time ago.

(The one made out of girls/ tights, or leotards, that looks like a lump of potato)

And the other two are from two different eras. So cute.

Enjoy yourselves, Dolltowners! 

Christmas comes but once a year....

(Look at Miley! She looks like she's gone to sleep with her eyes open!)

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Comments: 3
  • #1

    April (Monday, 12 December 2016 05:31)

    Phew.... I'm finally caught up with my Dolltown reading!!! I'm thinking this display with its vast array of dolls & their friends, is wildly popular at the community event. It makes me think back to the downtown department store windows at Christmastime. Great job, Jano!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 13 December 2016 21:59)

    Nice! Thank you!
    I loved those department store displays...
    It is a vast array! It's easiest to think of them as groups. lol.

  • #3

    Mischelle (Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:24)

    You are so right April it is just like the department store windows we all loved , some with moving parts Jano you have done an amazing job getting so many dolls ready for Christmas .