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Community Dolls · 28. November 2018
Dolltown teacher, Sky, is ready for students! She had help, from Jack and Priscilla. The piano is here! Learning blocks, books, an abacus for counting, the alphabet...

05. May 2017
The Disney Princesses at the Dolltown River in pretty dresses.

13. March 2017
It's the Disney Princesses! We had a lot of Dolltowners come to the movies while the popcorn lasted. We caught photos of some of them while the Little Darlings are changing for their next adventure... So Rapunzel, Merida, and Snow White arrived to watch the latest animated Disney Princess movie, Moana! Of course they can't wait until Beauty and the Beast comes to Dolltown! And we were excited that our Monster High girls came out of hiding with Jade J'Adore of the Bratz doll tribe. They all...

11. December 2016
The Dolltowners are arriving in droves for some Christmas fun! The boys have gone back to their clubhouse but the word is out and look who's here! Disney Toddler Princesses in their Etsy outfits, Kim lasher's Miley keeping an on things, and a variety of Christmas characters... Who else? Scroll to see!

21. October 2016
Vikka slips into the schoolroom between classes.... Nobody knows that she is an accomplished piano player, except Chantal, who has caught her playing before. Chantal is hoping they can play a duet some day.

03. September 2016
It's time for a Dolltown Community event! Terri Lee has invited everyone to an End-Of-The-Summer shindig at her home in the country.

11. July 2016
So darling! And so like Pearl and Zoey to take charge, be proactive, and thoughtful too... An award for Chantal and Faith, for their wonderful performance to start off our awards. And for their bravery! I hope they have set a precedent here in Dolltown! Show off your talents, Dolltowners!

09. July 2016
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! We all, here at Hiya Dolly, have a lot of gratitude for ALL the people: doll designers, blog writers, doll photographers, and friends and family who do so much to support the work and play here in Dolltown.

08. July 2016
A musical performance... Imagine!

08. July 2016
Yes, Jester Jim! This is where you will give out your award!

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