Dolltown Awards Day!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


We all, here at Hiya Dolly, have a lot of gratitude for ALL the people: doll designers, blog writers, doll photographers, and friends and family who do so much to support the work and play here in Dolltown.


We research dolly info and enjoy and participate in other's blogs, social media, and photos. We gather settings, props, wardrobes, and best of all...DOLLS!



We want to take the opportunity to acknowledge a few of those who have supported Hiya Dolly in one way or another over the last year or two, like April at Fashion Doll Stylist!

We want to say THANKS! to our loyal readers and subscribers! 


Hiya Dolly has a growing number of weekly newsletter subscribers.  Dollygood.News reports on:

  • What's New this week in our own Dolltown
  • What's New in the Doll World
  • What's New in Fashion in Dolltown

And Miley has her own gossip column!


We want to say THANKS! to our blog readers, our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest followers.


And thanks to our fabulous dressmakers, like Pachom Suesuwan, in Montreal.


That's Pachom with Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. I'd love to say that Justin is a reader, but...

Dolltown Awards!

Doll Bloggers and Social Media

If you are named here and would like a link changed, please contact me!!

Best Website Host


Best Doll Photos ...Instagram

Moore Romeo

Laila BJD

Best Doll Photo Blog

Inma's Doll Collection

Best Facebook Group Administrators

Kay Marie Treble...Little Darlings and Avery

Jodie Joseph...Ellowyne Wilde and Tonner Dolls

Best Dedicated Doll Collector Blog

Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter

Favorite Little Darling Membership Site

Our Little Darlings

Best Doll Observer Group Admin

Dom! on Theme of the Month

Best Take a Break from Dolls Pinterest Board

Keirstyn Powell

(Hi KP!)

Best Fashion Blog

Fashion Doll Stylist

Best "Dolls in Natural Settings" Blog

Sharon in Spain

Best Daily Photo

Dolly Treasures

Best Looking Dolls

Sonia Insua

Sweetest Words of Support

April Fashion Doll Stylist

Maggie and Kate Create

Yana Petkov

Best Doll and Vintage Info

Vintage Doll Collector


Best Doll Review Site

Toy Box Philosopher

Best Daily Doll Dressmaking Blog

I Dream of Jeanne Marie

Dolls , Designers, and Dressmakers

Favorite Doll Designers

Dianna Effner

Heidi Pluszcok

Berdine Creedy

More Best Dolls

Chris Miller/Robin Woods

Terri Lee

Paola Reina

Even More Best Dolls


Helen Kish


Madame Alexander


Favorite Character Sources

eBay World Dolls

Etsy OOAK Artists

Internet Companies

Local Thrift Stores

Favorite Puppets

Czech Marionettes

Indonesian Hand Made (coming!)

Best Little Darling Painters

(because I have dolls by them!)

Dianna Effner

Geri Uribe

Joyce Matthews

Helen Skinner

Favorite Fashion Dolls

Tonner Wilde Imagination Ellowynes


More Favorite Tonner Dolls

17" Guys

22" Glamour Model


Betsy McCall Girls

Favorite Ball Joint Dolls


Best Locally Made Doll

Ballet Doll

We have different kinds of dolls, by talented doll designers and makers, that we aren't able to identify!

Thanks to whoever carved and stitched up Boneka here! And to all who created our Dolltowners!

Best Little Darling Dressmaker

Tomi Jane

Best Sundresses

Erin Green

Most Creative LD Dressmaker

Alison Austin

Best Accessory Vendor

Dotti Gesford

We are so thankful for all our clothes!


Special mention to Wonderful Worlds on eBay, for basics we use every day!

Favorite Montreal  Dressmaker

Pachom Suesuwan

Cutest Doll Outfits

Maggie and Kate Create

More Favorite Dressmakers

Kalen Bringle at kalendesigns

 Joyce at prairiemoondesigns

Kathy Groulx at  TKCTCrafts 

Calico Closet

Best Doll Photo Prizes

Kay Marie Treble

Carolyn Gebert

Hiya Dolly's Inner Circle

Best Newsletter Editor

Gordie Good Boy

Best Doll Gifts

Gordie Good Boy 

Lani Melbourner

Tasya Londoner

Best Tech Support

Sol Vancouver Islander

Best Real Settings

Daphne's Garden

Grace's Place

Our Favorite far

The Bridge

Best Ana ABC Book Reviewer

Carol Shuswapper

Most Loyal Blog Readers

(that I know of!)

Auntie Mischelle

Lani Melbourner 

(and...Miss April!)

Best Blog and Photo Advice

Lani Melbourner

Best Road Trip Auntie

Aunt Jackie

Best Doll Prop

Tie: Jackie and Mischelle

Thank you, everyone!

There are so many people: bloggers, dressmakers, prop and setting suppliers, doll designers, photographers and collectors, who we have benefitted from. 

Miley and I may have a few more awards to add...

And how did Tink get to do TWO awards, BY HERSELF!? I was trying to be fair...

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Comments: 14
  • #1

    April (Sunday, 03 July 2016 19:31)

    On behalf of all my girls and guys and myself, thank you sooooooo very much for this award! I am truly touched by both the award and our friendship with you, Jano and all of your darling dollies!!!!! We all enjoy keeping up on the latest news and photos from Dolltown. Your brand of adorableness ALWAYS puts a smile on all our faces (especially mine). Thank you.

  • #2

    Jano (Monday, 04 July 2016 13:13)

    Hahaha! Dear April, you are welcome! And just wait for photos! It's coming... :)

  • #3

    April (Saturday, 09 July 2016 11:06)

    Well now that the whole post is up......Thank you AGAIN!!!!! This post is just toooooo scrumptious!!! Of course, I'm in love with all you dolls, especially all those little darlings were part of announcing our two awards. Love, love LOVE all the little silver cups and the badges. But that's just part of it. All of the little details from the rug, to the little brocade stand that held the awards, to even the little's all so perfect. From the links posted here, I see there are others spreading around pictures of my favorite little dollies too! Thank you for your friendship. And thank you for these ENORMOUS doses of delicious adorableness!!!!!!

  • #4

    Jano (Saturday, 09 July 2016 11:36)

    Thank you, April! And you are welcome! The dollies love your attention!
    This post has been in the works since May, with lots of distractions! And finally, a week's focus to get it done! And although there are several acknowledged here who DO visit Hiya Dolly (of course, especially my Inner Circle people...friends and family) well over half of the others have never been! They don't know how much they have contributed! lol
    So this is my own appreciation for the dolls designers, etc, and research over the last year and a half... A record!
    Love your noticing of the details! SO much fun.
    Now we are all relaxing...and there have been after parties! :)

  • #5

    Lani (Sunday, 10 July 2016 06:25)

    Wow! Look at that! That must have been a fun party to throw! Hope the after parties weren't too crazy.

  • #6

    Mischelle (Sunday, 10 July 2016 09:40)

    Totally amazing !!! THANK YOU for the awards and I think this calls for another after party More champagne anyone?

  • #7

    Carolyn G (Sunday, 10 July 2016 10:07)

    I LOVE your blog and this post is fantastic !! No matter how blue my day might be I know a visit to hiyadolly will put a smile one my face and a song in my heart. Thank you for all your lovely photos/stories.

  • #8

    Jano (Sunday, 10 July 2016 11:21)

    Hey! Lani dear, it was fun for sure! Great to think of all the supporters...helping in one way or another (even when they don't know it! Thanks for being there for Hiya Dolly and my 'work' here! And the after parties ARE fun for sure...still happening! lol

    Mischelle, good friend! You are so welcome! Do you have any tiny champagne bottles? I can strip down the silver trophies now, back to golden goblets... Oh, you mean for us? Bring it on...and those DQ cupcakes. The dollies are waiting patiently. (sort of)

    Carolyn! Thank you for your kind words. Putting a smile on the faces of our visitors, and songs in their hearts, is high praise! Conner returned to Dolltown just in time and I have exchanged the Best Prize photo so we can see your blue skirt set! She looks so cute! See how your sweet outfit is making the rounds? All the girls want a turn! :)

  • #9

    Pachom (Thursday, 14 July 2016 15:36)

    Thank you so much Jano for the Favorite Montreal Dressmaker award.
    :) and heartfelt congratulations to all the winners :)).

  • #10

    Jano (Thursday, 14 July 2016 19:15)

    Hi Pachom! You are very welcome! Our pleasure. Isn't your orange sundress with the green bow cute on Evie? :)

  • #11

    Carol Shuswapper (Saturday, 16 July 2016 18:53)

    Thank you Jano, and all the Dolltown Dollies for the special award. It was an honor to be part of your day!

  • #12

    Jano (Sunday, 17 July 2016 12:23)

    Oh so sweet, Carol dear. Really appreciated the review!
    I am editing that book soon! S-o-o-n! lol

  • #13

    Kewpie83 (Sunday, 24 July 2016 15:49)

    Thank you so much for thinking of my little blog!

  • #14

    Jano (Sunday, 24 July 2016 19:45)

    Hi Ashley! It's a pleasure for us to acknowledge the help we have received in our entertaining and informative research! Your blog, "Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter", with all your useful reviews and videos, is great! Enjoy it!