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Community Dolls · 24. December 2018
The Little Darlings are getting dressed, donning their Christmas best. We are setting up the Magic Library... Priscilla and beautiful bjd, Violet, come by for scene testing. Thanks!

Little Darlings · 12. July 2018
How exciting! The Little Darlings are at an ocean beach! Rosa, Indira, and Birdy and the girls know they are not allowed to go in swimming so...sundresses it is!

Little Darlings · 23. June 2018
Jiyoon's in the Garden! Indira and Fig, too. The girls are wishing the rest of the Little Darlings would hurry up! Meanwhile the LD's explore and Fig spends a little time with a bjd friends...

Little Darlings · 15. May 2018
The Little Darlings get ready for spring. Time to take off shoes and tights!

22. February 2018
Memories! Why is an Eiffel Tower model a part of our Christmas 2017 photo shoot? The girls explain to our new Little Darling...

14. February 2018
The Little Darlings get dressed for Valentine's Day. And Indira gets the pink outfit! How kind, girls! Way to treat the newcomer! Time to create a Valentine's Wall Collage!

12. February 2018
We are excited! Well known Dianna Effner doll artist Helen Montgomery Skinner has created a new Sculpt Four Little Darling for Dolltown. The girls can't wait to open her box...

11. February 2018
Fashion Doll Stylist and Little Darling Conner have sent a package to Dolltown! How exciting!

Little Darlings · 10. February 2018
A sleepover and Doll wig changes... Faith reveals her inner self, with help from her bff's.

09. February 2018
It's past now, but the Dolltowners had fun at Christmas time. Catch up coming!

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