Yes, Dolltown Celebrated Christmas!

Christmas Dolltown fun!

We carried on bravely, taking photos of our holiday events, while waiting once again for our year of tech troubles to come to an end, so our stories could be posted! And here we are in February, catching up.


All the Little Darlings and friends dressed for the occasions as soon as Xennia returned from her month long Arts Gallery adventure...


For 2017, Jiyoon got to wear our one new Christmas dress. And it's a beauty, from Erin Green, at Darling Lil' Bee.


Here are a few of the early birds, ready for some action.

Before our Christmas tree went up, we brought out our colored Eiffel Tower...a fabulous gift from last year. And all the Little Darlings got their photo taken with it.


But first...Valentine's Day!

No wait! Before we can post our Valentine's dressup,

we must introduce you to our new arrival, Indira!

Pop back to meet her!  We haven't had a new arrival since summer!! From Conner and April! So much to show...


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    April (Monday, 19 February 2018)

    Love my favorite little darlings. Love the cute little outfits the shoes. This helps us come up with a few more ideas for Conner's shoe line!!!!

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    Jano (Wednesday, 21 February 2018 11:17)

    Omgosh, the words "Conner's shoe line" just make us melt! lol
    We want to get to work and catch up with another Christmas photo shoot... The girls enjoyed the 2017 seasonal festivities, just as we saw your beauties did! Wardrobe changes all around! :)