Little Darlings Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here in Dolltown!


Birdy, Indira, and Rosa are wishing you all a sweet day...


The girls are wearing knit dresses, sweaters and lace flouncy skirts (see Xennia) from Nataliya, plus pretty sweaters from other doll dressmakers.


This year the girls dressed newcomer Indira in pink, pink, pink. And she is very happy, with the girls' kindness!

Scout did show up to meet Indira. 

Actually, she immediately took over and helped Indira dress

and choose her leotards...

And then the Little Darlings were introduced to their Valentine photo shoot activity... a Wall Collage!

Each girl chose a Valentine's card, from past years, and attach it to the pink wall.

Start them off, Indira and Scout!

Here are all our LD's by Helen Montgomery Skinner.

From left, Tink, Indira, Scout, and Xennia. 

Sweeties! (As are all our Little Darlings!)


And then, a stream of sweetly dressed girls, to create our Valentine collage.

Life size! Well, doll life sized!

Okay! That's a Happy Valentine's Day in Dolltown!

(What do you mean, where are the heart candies?)

All the Little Darlings got to meet Indira...


And at the end here, Pearl and Xennia got to show off their new shoes

from Conner at April's Design School for Girls!

And an ending that we are familiar with, with Tink and Xennia lounging on the nearest flat surface.


We look forward to telling you about yet another name change and makeover that happened while I was life-distracted. Only noticeable today to the most dedicated Dolltown fans. 

The girls took charge to straighten out a dilemma I had been avoiding...

Stay tuned.

And we hope you have a romantic, or chocolate filled, Valentine's Day.


To see the story of Indira's recent arrival, click here.


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Monday, 19 February 2018 17:36)

    What a very pretty and very pink filled Valentine's Day board. Conner extends her Valentines wishes to all of her fellow Dolltowners. (She's still in her red dress!) She too, loves all of the hearts and all of the pink on pink. And she thinks Indira is very very pretty!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 21 February 2018 13:11)

    Thank you! Yes, very pink! That should satisfy their little pink loving hearts for a while!
    That was quite an intro for Indira! She was thrust into the leading role so all the girls could welcome her. And although she seems shy, and pretty quiet so far, she did not falter, and stuck it out to the end. Maybe it had something to do with the promise of chocolate hearts when the collage was done. Xennia promised. Now what do I do?