Little Darlings at the Beach

Here they are! All the Dolltown Darlings this summer.

We headed to this ocean beach late in the afternoon. The lifeguards are on hand, even though there will be no swimming. The tides...

We came in sundresses and sandals to get the point across. And we made sure Tink didn't sneak on a bathing suit underneath. And, to make it easier to stay out of the water, I promised we would go to the swimming hole near Dolltown. Soon. Okay, tomorrow. :)

The sandals came off for the most part, but that's understandable.

Back: Evie, Lula, Scout

Centre: Indira, Anna Zoey, Pearl, Birdy, Rosa, Chantal, Fig

Front: Jiyoon, Maggie, Tink, Xennia


I brought them to the beach to play, and for sundress photos, in two's and threes, so they it would be easy to keep an eye on them...

(Although, all of us know that Little Darlings are generally well behaved.)

First up, Anna Zoey and her study buddy Pearl. In the first two sundresses that arrived in Dolltown three years ago. These two have worn these sundresses before! They like habits, consistency!

Next, Fig with her big Joyce Matthew blue eyes! And Chantal, her sweet friend. They are thrilled to wear sundresses and come to the beach. 

What's up Jiyoon? You look sad! Here's your friend Maggie!

And no worries, Maggie is not going anywhere...

She's decided to stay in Dolltown to play with all her friends.

Here's Rosa and Birdy wearing almost matching sundresses from Pachom Suesewan.

They love the hot pink!

And Indira joins them in a very sweet two piece outfit...

Look at these two cuties, Tink and Xennia, in their colorways two piecers. I should have taken a photo of the matching bloomer shorts underneath!

Evie Stevie arrives first, then Scout with her long red locks, then wavy haired Lula. This little vintage Mexican sun hat is a hit! We need more! 

We made it through the whole afternoon without one Little Darling getting caught by those waves! (I'm sure the promise of real swimming helped a lot. "Tomorrow is another day.")


And we did make use of the brush and comb the Ellowyne girls brought when they arrived for lifeguard duty. Thanks girls! (They are siting on a bench nearby absorbed in gossip since our time here is done.)

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Tuesday, 18 September 2018 16:00)

    Oh it is sooooo good to see all of my favorite little faces all dolled up in their sundresses! And how pretty are they all! Yes, that hat is really special! Hmmmmm.....maybe teach Conner how to make a straw hat!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 18 September 2018 23:00)

    Oh, that Conner is learning a lot of skills! You know, Conner was in our first story of FDS. She is posing in front of a photo of one of your Divas. Long before she was chosen to join you. Funny! Give her a Dolltown smooch!
    That is an ooold hat! Some things make it through...