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Children Dolls · 18. July 2018
Grumpy doll Priscilla has a ring buoy to help keep the little girls safe at the ocean beach. Come enjoy, girls!

Fashion Dolls · 13. July 2018
The Ellowyne girls are off duty. They volunteered to act as lifeguards for the Little Darlings at the beach. Now it's time to relax. Is that a bottle of...spirits? Well, you are adults after all...

Little Darlings · 12. July 2018
How exciting! The Little Darlings are at an ocean beach! Rosa, Indira, and Birdy and the girls know they are not allowed to go in swimming so...sundresses it is!

Tonners & Ellowynes · 11. July 2018
These Dolltown Ellowynes offered to oversee the children at the beach. And they came prepared for the photo shoot! Of course! Brushes, combs... They are fashion dolls! But we were thinking sun screen and life-jackets, girls! But, thanks...