Little Girls at the Beach, with Priscilla!


Hey, Priscilla and the little girls!


What a picture of camaraderie! The girls really do get along... We do our best to keep them so busy they don't have time for spats. And of course we model kind words and generosity. We do!


The girls see Priscilla as a fun companion, despite her always-there grumpy look (and let's face it, seriously pessimistic and judgmental attitude). Kudos to the children!


And Priscilla was the one who offered to look after the kids' safety so they could come to the beach. 

I was a little busy...

First, we'll set the scene.

We said we wanted a little sun....and look who showed up! Hey thanks, Sunny!

A chair for Priscilla, so she doesn't walk away in a huff (like she often does).

And Priscilla arrives with...a ring buoy! Way to go, Priscilla! I guess she noticed the Ellowyne lifeguards did NOT bring the "proper" safety devices. That's probably why she offered! Teach those Ellowyne girls a lesson! I want to say, "Whatever." At least she is here.

Priscilla also arrives with a little doll she was given, months ago (Christmas?). Phoebe and Fancy Nancy have noticed that Priscilla carries her willy-nilly. And today, the poor little dolly is upside down! You'd think Priscilla would have more empathy, being a doll herself. Nobody would dare carry Priscilla upside down!

Now, enjoy the photos of our Dolltown little children ocean beach fun. And today, for now, all girls!

Here come Kish and Oiya, both sporting ginger pigtails.

And Lilac Moon, in her lilac shoes, greets her little buddies, Vera and Gabby.

Gabby plays with the ring buoy. Lucky girl! Priscilla has a hard time saying no to Gabby. 

And what's in the pail, girls? They are afraid to look in case there is a scary sea creature under the polka dots!


Shasta and Whoopi, our oldest little girls, arrive to play at the beach.

The shoes are coming off, Priscilla! keep an eye out!

Next step is wading, then you know what can happen! A child could be swept right out to sea!

Gabby crowns Shasta, our tallest little child. "Queen Shasta!", Gabby says.

Okay, that got Priscilla's attention!

And she has firmly reclaimed the ring buoy, muttering about "...my responsibility."


Remember girls! Promises to go to a little beach soon, where you can actually swim! 

(Okay, it's a bribe for the girls to stay out of the big waves at this ocean beach!)

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  • #1

    April (Monday, 01 October 2018 16:01)

    Oh what a fun day at the beach! And it is so good to see Priscilla again. Yes, you are right....you'd think as one doll to another, she'd pay more attention to the way she handles her own doll!!! But all and all, it's such a pleasure to see your gang out for a sunny, funny day at the beach!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 24 October 2018 12:09)

    Lol! I know right? But Priscilla has taken the little dolly attention from Phoebe and Fancy Nancy seriously, as you'll see in an upcoming post...
    Oh, the children had fun! Some of them had never been to the Ocean. (Do I have to say..."Ocean diorama"?)