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Community Dolls · 24. December 2018
The Little Darlings are getting dressed, donning their Christmas best. We are setting up the Magic Library... Priscilla and beautiful bjd, Violet, come by for scene testing. Thanks!

Community Dolls · 28. November 2018
Dolltown teacher, Sky, is ready for students! She had help, from Jack and Priscilla. The piano is here! Learning blocks, books, an abacus for counting, the alphabet...

Children Dolls · 02. September 2018
The little girls were promised a day at the swimming beach, too. They are ready...and waiting at the Bus Stop with Priscilla. While they are gone...time to get School ready! Lucky kids!

Community Dolls · 03. August 2018
Dolltown's Priscilla has a moment with her own little doll. She promises to be better to her, and carry her properly. Way to go, Priscilla! We are proud of you!

Children Dolls · 18. July 2018
Grumpy doll Priscilla has a ring buoy to help keep the little girls safe at the ocean beach. Come enjoy, girls!

23. June 2017
African beaded doll, our Silent Sam has a baby on his back! How did we not notice? Priscilla discovers the surprise...

28. October 2016
These Little Darlings decided to dress up in old fashioned costumes! When they were ready, they excitedly headed out on the path to Dolltown Abbey, by themselves! Lucky it's Dolltown!

17. August 2016
THEY WENT TO PARIS!! Without me! Okay, so remember this photo I posted in my July 28th issue of the Dolltown.News? We found this photo on April's Fashion Doll Stylist blog. We thought...this looks like our Birdy! How cute! IT IS BIRDY! And this is an Elie Saab Couture Fashion Show...IN PARIS!! All month, Fashion Doll Stylist, April, was making cryptic comments about my dolls, and her fashion dolls. I was too distracted to ask what she meant. And several of my girls were tossing about French...

05. August 2016
Guard One, seen below, is usually in the background at our Dolltown events. Iple Lee hired him last year as a bodyguard for all the dolls, watching for possible harm and kidnappings. (No kidding...look at the Monster High body snatchers and identity changers.) Tink and Xennia invited Guard One for Birdy's birthday cupcakes. And since he's such a big guy, they managed to find him...five! In the end he had to share with one of the hungry birthday birds...

19. July 2016
Our garden party setting...a place you'll usually find children playing! Birdy has come to check the lighting, the ambience. Then she suggests bringing in a table and a picnic cloth so the girls have lots of places ...for ice cream! I'm on it, Birdy!

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