Priscilla and Her Doll

Well! Priscilla was quite offended by the little girls noticing and chatting about her treatment of her own little doll. Carrying it willy nilly, upside down.

We find it hard to believe that Priscilla doesn't get it, that she might think how she treats her doll doesn't matter because it's...a doll. Priscilla herself is treated so well, considering...well, considering Priscilla's grumpiness. I think we do a great job of treating Priscilla really nicely.

Okay, she has to have a talking-to sometimes because she can be rude, discriminatory, picky, pessimistic, judgmental, stubborn, and...rude. But we all love her! And we show it! She gets politeness, hugs, ice cream, gifts! Why, even the little doll was a gift. Wasn't it? I am forgetting...

Priscilla takes a minute, after the Ocean outing, at the Dolltown Tree.


Looks like a doll inspection. 

I can usually hear dolls talking, but...silence.

Is she talking to you, Priscillla? Listen!

I could swear that little doll has lots to say to Priscilla!

And Priscilla is holding her so gently!


Well done, Priscilla! Your little dolly looks positively happy!

Now would it hurt you to crack a smile?

(I guess that's unfair. Priscilla is a porcelain.)


Now, all the children were told they could go to a real swimming beach.

And I hear they are congregating at the bus stop. (Bus stop?)

Stay tuned. We will get all our summer photos posted!

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    April (Sunday, 28 October 2018 13:09)

    Well....Priscilla is.... Priscilla. Little by little, I think, she's learning to be more...congenial!?! Perhaps one day she'll even smile.....or.....not frown! In any case, it is great to see one of my (other) favorite Dolltown characters!

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    Jano (Monday, 29 October 2018 20:03)

    Haha! Priscilla has her moments!
    I am always so happy with the other Dolltowners, giving her so much room to express herself. After all, she was born this way!