Priscilla and the Girls Are Off to the Beach, Too!

Look, it's Priscilla, with her happy little right-side-up dolly!

Priscilla has volunteered again to be the Dolltown lifeguard for the day! Thanks Priscilla!

The little girls have all been promised a day at our swimming beach, after an outing to the Ocean Beach, which is too wild to swim! The girls want to wade, splash, dig in the sand...

And they are excited about the new bus in Dolltown. 

It will be their first ride!

Oh my gosh! The bus is back! To take Miss Priscillla and the little girls to the beach!

Maybe I'll have a little time...the kids don't need me there to take photos!

I can get school ready! It's September!

Have fun kids! When you get back...school time!

(That should make it an especially long beach outing. 

Maybe time for tea, myself!)

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