Tink and Xennia Pass Out the Last Cupcakes...

Guard One, seen below, is usually in the background at our Dolltown events.

Iple Lee hired him last year as a bodyguard for all the dolls, watching for possible harm and kidnappings.

(No kidding...look at the Monster High body snatchers and identity changers.)

Tink and Xennia invited Guard One for Birdy's birthday cupcakes.

And since he's such a big guy, they managed to find him...five!

In the end he had to share with one of the hungry birthday birds...

Then Tink and Xennia invited Chinese Dragon Horse to enjoy a cupcake.

They put it down low enough for him to reach...propping it on Birdy's birthday book? Girls!

And I don't know about giving sweets to animals!

But I do remember giving sugar cubes, on an open palm, to horses as a child...

Then the girls passed out cupcakes to some of the Dolltowners who were cheering on the birthday festivities.

Priscilla!! You WERE cheering on the festivities, right?

Clown Baby is thrilled.

Boneka is sharing with Sky and Valentine.

And Jester Jim is challenged by Don Quixote to toss his head and catch the cupcake in his mouth.

Oh yes, you can see that Jester Jim can't wait, so excited...

Okay! That is enough cupcake excitement for a whole year, I am sure!

Surely we have had enough!

Although we did notice that that there are some tempting mint chocolate mini cupcakes now.

No! Enough! 

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    April (Saturday, 06 August 2016 12:05)

    Oh yes...I think it will take some time for the dolls to come down from their sugar highs!!! They are most generous, I see....giving the last of the goodies to the special ones who protect and support them from behind the scenes. But now, you mentioned the danger of dollnapping! My girls have been coming and going never even thinking of the present dangers of the body snatchers. My Barbie Model Muses are safe because they are not articulated, but my Royal girls!!!! Oh, I must warn them. (Of course they will be demanding body guards insisting I bring in more handsome hunks!!!!!)

  • #2

    Jano (Saturday, 06 August 2016 13:12)

    Hahaha! Well, what a great reason to bring in some more guy friends!
    Of course, your divas look like they know how to handle a situation, but now maybe they will pretend not to know...
    With all our little ones running around, sometimes coming right up to the edges of Dolltown, it gives all a little sense of security.

    Here are a couple of posts from last October, about this kidnapping issue...
    Louie Fisher, Business Doll: http://tinyurl.com/z2lobcr
    Catrine DeMew is at Dolltown Abbey: http://tinyurl.com/jgape3s

    Thank goodness we have never had a situation in Dolltown with dolls being taken.
    (Although there have been occasions when a whole group seems to disappear for a day or two...still puzzled.)