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05. August 2016
Guard One, seen below, is usually in the background at our Dolltown events. Iple Lee hired him last year as a bodyguard for all the dolls, watching for possible harm and kidnappings. (No kidding...look at the Monster High body snatchers and identity changers.) Tink and Xennia invited Guard One for Birdy's birthday cupcakes. And since he's such a big guy, they managed to find him...five! In the end he had to share with one of the hungry birthday birds...

02. August 2016
Birdy gets a beautiful book for her birthday, one of my favorites! Over in the meadow, in the sand, in the sun... And that is a real lamp, with real light, so she can read the book in bed, after dark. Nice! And the cutest bear that arrived from Carolyn Gebert! I know Birdy will share!

01. August 2016
Birdy's Birthday! Cupcakes! Dig in, girls! The Little Darlings come and go!

30. July 2016
How exciting! Birdy has a birthday! And all her friends get to come... Cupcakes for everyone!