Fill the Cupcake Plate!

Birdy's Birthday! Cupcakes! 

Dig in, girls!

The Little Darlings come and go!

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    April (Thursday, 04 August 2016 11:53)

    What a wonderful birthday party, Birdie. Everyone seems to be having so much fun amidst the balloons and streamers . And those cupcakes...yum, yum, yum..... I see there's more than enough for everyone. Oh such a pretty party with such pretty guests!!!

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    Jano (Friday, 05 August 2016 14:46)

    The girls were very excited to have a birthday party right after the Ice Cream Party.
    And VERY excited to have "little" cupcakes almost as big as their heads! Each!
    You can imagine that plates of steamed vegetables and bowls of fresh salads are on the menu for the next week! (And that goes for all of us since G and I had to "help" the dollies with all those sweets. A chore but somebody had to do it)
    The "streamer" is actually a very pretty light scarf from the dollar store that Birdy is very kindly allowing me to wear now, for putting on her bd party. (We share a birthday and it was VERY belated because of our Awards Day and the Ice Cream party.)