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05. August 2016
Guard One, seen below, is usually in the background at our Dolltown events. Iple Lee hired him last year as a bodyguard for all the dolls, watching for possible harm and kidnappings. (No kidding...look at the Monster High body snatchers and identity changers.) Tink and Xennia invited Guard One for Birdy's birthday cupcakes. And since he's such a big guy, they managed to find him...five! In the end he had to share with one of the hungry birthday birds...

19. June 2016
Okay, this is a loooong blog post! We have set it up differently than we usually do. Earlier blog posts are beneath. Scroll!!

20. January 2016
Welcome, Don Quixote! Here in Dolltown, it was decided that we should have a marionette or two. I love puppets but we only have a few here. We have never had a marionette. So G and I researched and looked at lots of photos and videos... The marionette world is very interesting, full of stories and charm! We enjoyed the search! In the end we made our choices from a site in Czechoslovakia, Czech Marionettes. They sell a variety of marionettes, created in different materials, and fashioned after a...