Lula Star in Australia!

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We have set it up differently than we usually do.

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Lula Star!

This Little Darling looks so much like our Lani...

And, just like Lani, she loves adventure, learning, and travel.

Whenever Lani visited, Lula followed her around and copied her every move. Listened to all her adventures....

And when Lani decided to move to Australia with her Tasmanian, Finnigan, Lula started positioning herself so Lani would notice her. And want to take her along.

She was first in line to help Lani pack up her apartment and planted the seeds of her plan weeks before the move.

When Lani came home to say goodby, Lani planted herself, with her suitcase, beside the door...

Here she is, all packed, ready to go.

Her scheming worked! When Lani saw that Lula loved maps, could use a compass, and knew about erosion, acid mine drainage,  and geothermal gradients her firm "No!" started to soften. And when Lani discovered that Lula actually had work and adventure clothes, and not just pretty sundresses, the decision was made and Lula was dressed in a warm sweater for the trip.

Although Lula had friends who also wanted to come, Lani's famous firmness put a stop to an exodus from Dolltown. Whew! Thank goodness!

Lula changes into jeans and runners for the trip. Just like Lani!

Lula gets to take bjd Bo's backpack and blanket. Lucky girl!

Lula says goodbye to Scout,

her best friend in Dolltown.

Lula's packed in her travel bag. Pearl tells her to Skype and look after Lani!

Owen is promised photos of Tasmanian devils. He wanted to go! 

Lula waits with Lani for the Greyhound bus. Snowy day!

On her last night in BC, Lani gets to go out with Lani and her friends. Party! The fun has already started!

Lani and Lula had a stop over in Los Angeles. Can we go out? Lula asks. I've seen parking lots!

Lula loved the beach! Nothing like this in Dolltown! She can't wait to send photos back to her friends...already!

While waiting for Lani to get ready for the flight, Lula googles Australia and Tasmania again.

A tour! That was so kind of Lani to take Lula on a bus tour. And Lula got to stand on a windy ledge for the photo!


Lula is so excited she lies awake for hours!


Lucky Lula brought her geology vest. As soon as Lula and Lani got to Melbourne, they headed out with Lani's guy Fin, to work. We are off to the outback! Lula was excited! 

Lula sits with Lani in the jeep, thinking about everything she is going to tell her friends back in Dolltown when she gets back from her work day. Will she see a kangaroo?

You can see Lula above, keeping an eye on the equipment Finnigan is using. She is watching carefully so she can pitch in and help. That way she figures Lani and Fin will bring her again into the field on their work projects...


After months of travels in Australia and Tasmania, Lula gets to travel to Indonesia with Lani and Finnigan.

Drink more water! Lani says.

And get over it...we have adventures ahead!

We are waiting for the story on these characters.

They LOOK a little scary! Did Lula get to meet them?

Lula doesn't feel well!

Get the airsick bag, Lani!

Lula is amazed at the lush greenery.

Now she is happy to have a cool sundress to wear!

Lula is seeing sights most dolls could only dream of!

We love hearing about her travels!

New Zealand!

We have the exciting photos, and now we want to hear the stories.... Time for a Skype call Lula!

Just a little different from our favorite camping place,

at Monck Park on the lake!

Lucky we had a couple of bathing suits! Lula is getting a lot of use out of her animal print suit. Rocky beaches, white sand beaches...Lula loves them all!

Here she got to go camping with Fin and Lani!

And she is learning a lot about all the geological history and land formations in each of the places she is traveling to.... 

But I hold my breath when I see some of the photos! TOO adventurous! Get her down from that branch, Lani!

Sheesh, just like Lani sometimes. Can't look!


Maori dolls, Lula's family away from Dolltown!

Look at this bunch! Lani says she found them at a Salvation Army store! We are hoping someday she brings them to Dolltown for a visit! A meeting of cultures. Dolltown loves diversity!

And there's Albert, the marionette! At Christmas we made sure that Finnigan had a companion for Lula. (Just in case Lula got lonely for her Dolltown friends!) Now they have lots of companions. How happy is Albert!

Lani set up an Instagram page for Lula, There are some wonderful photos there. Well, there were for a while. Then they stopped. I became concerned that maybe Lula had actually fallen off one of those ledges she likes to climb on! And that Lani wouldn't tell me!

But Lani says she just got too busy taking photos of...wait for it...olives. Flavored olives. And Lula was left at home with her new friends. 

Okay now, Lani. I am going to go back and tell the Dolltowners THAT story...  "The reason we haven't heard from Lula, kids...."

Beautiful Lula Star

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 16:10)

    Oh my goodness, this is just too adorable. I enjoyed every bit, every picture of this post!! (In fact, I'll be back to look at it again.) Lani is so pretty. I enjoyed all of her adventures. Also remarkable were her clothing!!! Where on earth did you find that geology vest! I am impressed by all the detail! So wonderful that you had the complicity of your daughter!! After you explained to me about Lula, I did look up (and follow) her page on Instagram!

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 16:43)

    Hi April! Love it that you took a look!
    It has been quite a journey, and not just for Lula!
    Getting her there, and keeping up with her travels...phew!
    Lani did a GREAT job of choosing Lula's clothes for the trip.
    I didn't say a word as she tucked some of our best stuff in Lula's backpack... I was so happy for a Dolltowner to be scooped for such an adventure.
    The vest was stripped off one of those thrift store dolls we talked about. Probably naked in a basket under some shelf, poor little guy!
    And Lula's Instagram page, halted abruptly in the middle of adventures? In favor of an Instagram page for...olives? (Lani is a photographer and social media consultant, as well as a geologist. Full of skill sets!)
    Still have to have a deep conversation with L about that!
    Imagine being too busy for doll photos! lol
    But we are happy. And I am sure Lula is...even if she's out of the spotlight for a while!
    I noticed a couple of photos didn't show up, and want to add links to the November stories, and Lani and Lula may have time to fill us in on a couple of those adventures, so if you go back in a day or two.... :)