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25. September 2016
Okay, I guess we better get serious. Find that baby. Or Lula might ask me to box her up and send her, and the rest of her babies, back to Lani in Australia! I'll send the Guards out. And maybe Tink and Xennia again. I think Xennia and Tink were first to go and get dressed for school at Jiyoon's new Playroom. How did Lula get ready so fast? And why did she want her guitar? To sing "Oh Dolltown" on the first day of school? That guitar has been missing for months. Maybe I can make Lula one out of...

10. August 2016
Lula Star left Dolltown last November for Melbourne, Australia... My daughter Lani moved there with her Tasmanian BAE, but tucked Lula in her camera bag. For several months, Lula traveled as well to New Zealand, Indonesia, and explored interesting topography with Lani and Fin. Now Lula is back! Scout is first to greet her...old friends.

19. June 2016
Okay, this is a loooong blog post! We have set it up differently than we usually do. Earlier blog posts are beneath. Scroll!!

21. December 2015
Yes, really! At Lula.Star You MUST visit her page! Of course, here at Dolltown, we are Followers! Lula, who has been communicating quietly with us since she left in November, has splashed out big with her own page on Instagram. Photos, stories...just like in Dolltown! Lula, one of the Little Darlings, is in Australia on an adventure with our Lani, a geologist and photographer. The two of them packed their swim suits, donned their backpacks, and hopped the Greyhound bus on the first leg of their...

15. November 2015
Well, Lula convinced Lani to take her to Australia... It all started back in October, on the infamous trip to Vancouver, when Lani was packing up her apartment ready to move to Australia to be with her Tasmanian, Fin. And Lula was there to help.