Lula Star has her own Instagram page!

Yes, really! At Lula.Star
You MUST visit her page!
Of course, here at Dolltown, we are Followers!
Lula, who has been communicating quietly with us since she left in November, has splashed out big with her own page on Instagram.
Photos, stories...just like in Dolltown!
Lula, one of the Little Darlings, is in Australia on an adventure with our Lani, a geologist and photographer.
The two of them packed their swim suits, donned their backpacks, and hopped the Greyhound bus on the first leg of their journey. Then they flew out mid November after a night of revelry in Vancouver with Lani's friends. Loved those photos! But I had to remind Lani that Lula is underage and needed an early bedtime! 
We received photos from a short Hollywood tour, and a hangout at Venice Beach, on an overnight in Los Angeles. Then silence for a while as they both reached their new home, in Melbourne, joining Finnigan Johnson, the famous Tasmanian hydrogeologist and puppeteer.
Lani had to up her SPF cream and drape Lula often to keep them both from sunburn. Do dollies melt at above 43 Celsius? Lani didn't want to find out so on some days Lula was left in the air conditioned room when Lani was out for errands.

The first few photos here are on the way to Australia...

And now, Lula is telling her own stories at


We are all over the moon here in Dolltown.
Lula in Australia!
Photos arrived this week showing Lula prepped for the next adventure...a road trip around Tasmania, with Fin and Lani, her new humans. Then Christmas at the relatives. 

The first photos show Lula out in the field with Finnigan,  at work. Lula thinks it's the outback. Still learning.

Back at her laptop, Lula researches the road trip she is about to embark on. And studies her map of Australia.

Scout, all this happiness and you are scowling?
Yes, there are foodbanks in Australia. 
Okay I'll tell her...
 Scout says it's not all fun and games and outback adventures, you know...
There are dolls AND humans out there in need at Christmas.
Too true, Scout. Miley says she needs a new outfit.
What? That doesn't count?
Okay then...I'll get out some more canned peas.
And I am sure Lula will do the same.
Lula, can you find a foodbank there?
Take some quinoa? peas? Please?


 Oh my gosh. We love you Lula, AND your spirit human.

And her boy, er, man, Mr. Fin.
And you know Scout loves  you even though she sounds, uh, snippy. She's just...busy. (You go, Scout)

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