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24. December 2015
The girls are excited about their Christmas outing to town. They get to look after all the last minute shopping for all the dollies here in Dolltown. And they have been collecting mittens for the Mitten Tree, where scarves, hats and mittens are collected for all those who are chilly at Christmas, and don't have enough winter clothes. So between the food for the Foodbank (thanks Scout and, uhh, Badger) and all the mittens knitted by the old gramma dolls like Terri Lee and Queeny, the dolls have...

23. December 2015
First! Scout is missing Lula. They had a plan to gather food from the kitchen and drop it off at the Foodbank before Christmas. Twice they had snuck into the kitchen, before Lula left for Australia, to hide food for their venture. I thought I bought olives, G said. Zoey and Pearl are busy so they can't help Scout, but they have a good idea...

21. December 2015
Yes, really! At Lula.Star You MUST visit her page! Of course, here at Dolltown, we are Followers! Lula, who has been communicating quietly with us since she left in November, has splashed out big with her own page on Instagram. Photos, stories...just like in Dolltown! Lula, one of the Little Darlings, is in Australia on an adventure with our Lani, a geologist and photographer. The two of them packed their swim suits, donned their backpacks, and hopped the Greyhound bus on the first leg of their...

08. December 2015
That's Brian in the middle, a Chris Miller boy, from who-knows-where, who just arrived with two other boys.

02. December 2015
Tink wears the little Eiffel Tower necklace that came from Fifi from France with this bright sweater dress. Merci, Fifi! I'll add sources for these cute Christmas and holiday outfits, on our Doll Fashion page. Dresses from Fifi, Pachom, Calico Closet, Special Delivery, TKCTCrafts, Randonne... And boots and shoes from BSS Kid, and Dotti Gesford.

28. November 2015
A new-to-us dolly dressmaker, Kalen, has been added to our Favorites List of fashion choices. These two warm jumper outfits arrived from her the other day, just before I changed my Little Darlings into their Christmas dresses. It was hard to take these adorable clothes off and switch them out for some red and greens, holly and snowflake themed clothes. And I lOVE Christmas dresses. But it's a long winter here so the fine wale purple corduroy and the brushed cotton plaid jumpers will be in use...

18. November 2015
Before... As herself- Ana, the UFDC Shared Passions 2014 Convention doll. She was my 1st Little Darling and I just love her. But once Zoey arrived, Ana's prototype, it freed me up to experiment.

17. November 2015
First snow, winter clothes, and a little Eiffel Tower gift to remind us...

15. November 2015
Well, Lula convinced Lani to take her to Australia... It all started back in October, on the infamous trip to Vancouver, when Lani was packing up her apartment ready to move to Australia to be with her Tasmanian, Fin. And Lula was there to help.

11. November 2015
It's November 11 today. We stop and think about all the people, creatures, land...past and present...involved in conflict. And peace. Take care of each other... What a comfort dolls are to little children during scary times. Dolls help...

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