Winter Clothes...and World Events

Well, we have had our first snow here and it was time to get some warm clothes on...

The girls met at the park for a walk in the new snow.

Even little Gabby got to come along!


Scout and Eve are wearing two new and very cute knit dresses from a doll dressmaker from France.

After the flurry of Lula and Lani's departure, I noticed a little bonus gift tucked in with the dresses. A tiny Eiffel tower necklace.

I sad about the events in Paris.

And a little reminder even in the doll world...

I love Little Darling sweater dresses.

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    mischelle (Thursday, 26 November 2015 09:37)

    love all the new winter coats and boots especially Gabbys pink one

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    Jano (Wednesday, 18 November 2015 10:50)

    Hi Sharon!
    The weather here can't decide if it should be rain or snow. Either way the coats are now a necessity! The snow gets me in the mood for dolly Christmas dresses and putting up a tiny tree. My first Christmas with my Hiya Dolly blog! Fun! I am looking forward to taking the photos.
    I am imagining your dolly clothing box traveling home too early! I hope the girls have some good weather days until they get back to their box of choices...

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    Sharon in Spain (Wednesday, 18 November 2015 01:46)

    Oh what a sweet gift to receive right now, so poignant, I am not surprised that it made you cry.
    It seems funny that you are experiencing your first snow and we are still walking around in short sleeves! Although it has got a bit chilly (by Spanish standards) at night, I have had to put a blanket on the bed!!
    The girls are looking cosy and warm too! My girls are still in their summer outfits and will have to remain so until January now as we are still at the coast and are spending Christmas here too....and I made the mistake of taking their clothing box home last month thinking we were going home sooner!!! Poor girls!