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08. August 2017
Kidz n Cats Jakob, our Hal, brings the little girls to see the Eiffel Tower. Lilac Moon, Gabby, and Vera are amazed!

03. July 2017
The Little Darlings and friends got the next stage of the Eiffel Tower model done ! And along comes Gabby!

20. October 2016
The children came in waves... While the Little Darlings were off on a fieldtrip, these girls gathered for a lesson!

15. August 2016
In July, the children came early to the Ice Cream party.... Then off they went on field trips with the Dolltown Summer Day Camp. Now they are back and we snapped some photos! The girls gathered around to tell me of their exciting adventures: wading in the creek acting out "Toy Story" (a Dolltown favorite!) picking apricots off the low branches And running away from the boys who were throwing ripe plums! "EWWWW!", they squealed. And the girls told on the boys right away so they wouldn't get...

22. July 2016
Ice Cream Party for the children in Dolltown! What a motley crew! From big Hal, Kidz n Cats, to little Fancy Nancy and Tonner Patsy, our Gabby... all enjoying ice cream cupcakes and little tubs of ice cream.... Well, I guess they are big, for little dolls!

05. May 2016
Leaving Asa's Open House, Priscilla was feeling...good! We all saw it. Sweet and smiling, Priscilla offered her little friend Gabby a ride back to Dolltown. She wheeled the flower cart, with Gabby in "Princess Gabriella" mode, through the meadow and to the Bridge. By the time they arrived, Priscilla was puffing a little and found herself wondering how she had gotten roped into this good deed. You offered, Priscilla! I did not, she humphed. And with that we knew the Asa effect had worn off. We...

01. May 2016
Dolltown children! Well, the girls, now... They straggled in but ALMOST all of them were there. Gabby first. Because she likes to be first. And Priscilla came too! And Fancy Nancy, little Phoebe, Whoopi and Shasta, Vera, Pam, and Nellie, and Lilac Moon. And Vikka came to keep an eye on all the girls. They gathered nicely for a group photo. And things fell apart a little. Children will be children. Then two surprising things happened. Asa just raised her hands slightly and all went quiet. The...

25. March 2016
Dolltown First Aid couldn't do much for Gabby. The problem is inside her, loose strings probably. Something we haven't tackled here yet. Uh oh. And it tough on Gabby. She's so used to (Can anyone say ADHD?). She is enjoying the attention though. And she likes that she gets her own chair. I heard her telling the dollies, "You can call me Gabriella. Princess Gabriella..." But she keeps falling out of the chair! Here Eve came along and helped her. Then Scout showed up and Eve told...

20. March 2016
Here's the children, but where's Gabby? She was here to meet Whoopi...but something was wrong! Gabby had trouble standing up and holding her pose for the photos with the girls and Whoopi. After the last photo shoot she fell to the ground. Shasta had to go and get help. Big Hal carried Gabby to Dolltown's First Aid Room....

19. March 2016
Cute Berenguer dolly, Whoopi, showed up in Dolltown the other day, soon after we were wishing for a little more diversity. Since the dollies always go to Magic Barbie to tell her their wishes they are sure that she was the one responsible for Whoopi's arrival. Also, Magic Barbie, our Faye, is the one taking her around to introduce her to the other dollies. Little Darlings Xennia and Faith found little Whoopi a pretty dress to wear while her own pink track suit gets washed. Then Faye and Xennia...

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