The Children at School...

The children came in waves...

While the Little Darlings were off on a fieldtrip, these girls gathered for a lesson!

The younger girls had a Math class, with an abacus and other manipulatives.

What a variety of dolls!

A Heartstrings, a Fancy Nancy, a Helen Kish, a Tiny Shawl Dancer, a Berenguer, and a Heidi Plusczok...

Then a Tonner Linda McCall, a Berdine Creedy, and a Tonner Patsy!

All is well until the Trio of Cuties arrive, beginning with Vera wiping off the Math class slogan and printing the word "fun".

Hey, good printing for a young learner.

But Vera! Get down from that chair!

Hearing a commotion in the classroom, Priscilla came in to check what was going on.

The little ones spilled the blocks and covered her with clothes peg counters...

Priscilla took charge and demanded a clean up!

"Smarten Up!", I think she said to them...

Uley and Bobby arrived, very late, and sent the girls off to their next lesson...

And their buddies returned to tell them what they had missed in Math class.

"Isn't it recess yet?", the boys asked.

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    April (Monday, 24 October 2016 18:03)

    Well, looks like Ms. Priscilla is just the right doll to bring discipline into the classroom. The other dolls, after all, were having much too much fun and things were getting just a tad bit out of control, I fear! But then again, they are an adorable bunch and mean no harm. By the way, where on earth did you find a school desk the right scale for your dolls?

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    Jano (Monday, 24 October 2016 18:19)

    Friends! I have a friend who will stop at a second hand store and text me photos. I get to prioritize and things show up in Dolltown. lol That desk is sort of an American Girls size, so a little big. But that means the Little Darlings can share a seat with their un-articulated legs sticking out. Hahaha.
    Priscilla is perfect to bring order. Although I think the little girls play along because they want to be nice to her. Priscilla's life is so full of...distress. And she is she'll pull them all in the flower cart to the candy store, and spend her hard earned chore money on them. Then they hug her and tell her how pretty she is with her pink bow and ringlets. And she tells them to settle down and don't be so foolish. Then she pulls them to the park and pushes them on the swings, to cries of "Higher!"